30 Amazing Things That Get Mind-Boggling If You Really Think About Them


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1. nvt111

Roads. I can get in my car right now and go pretty much anywhere. There is an unbroken route from where my car is parked to virtually every location on this continent. And if I can’t get there by car, there are often specific places to park my car that make it as convenient as possible to get to where I want to go. We take it for granted, but it’s kind of crazy to me sometimes.

2. plutonn

When you figure out that you are a brain controlling a body

3. MisterHoppy

Babies weight around 8 pounds when they’re born, and around 20 pounds a year later. Having eaten mostly milk. Those babies took milk and turned it into 12 pounds of flesh, bone, and brain. Babies are fucking made of milk.

4. Newfoundhope

How words are spelled/look. If you look at words long enough, you begin to question why words were chosen to have that certain spelling. Or how the shapes were even formed. Or why a different letter wasn’t chosen. Or how in the hell is that word pronounced the way it is

5. mr3inches

Do caterpillars know they they are going to become butterflies? Or do they just get in a cocoon thinking, what the fuck am I doing?

6. georgeclooneynecktat

Eating is pretty weird when you think about it. You grind up various materials to suck energy out of them and then poop them out. I think it’s weird that we eat together socially, but at the same time it’s not like we are getting together as a family to take a poop. It’s just the other side of the same process.

7. RoryNoodles

People stick other people’s genitals in their mouths as a sign of affection.

8. Intotheopen

Drinking the milk of other species.

9. periwinklemoon

Pictures/cameras. I just captured this ONE moment in time that I can now look at for the rest of my life.

10. newskit

Being pregnant. It’s like “Yeah, there’s a tiny person inside me. He eats what I eat and moves around in there sometimes.”

11. Theres_A_Moth_Here

Trying to imagine if nothing ever existed.

12. nlunny

if you didn’t know a language how would you think?

13. fuuuunke

for me, it’s gotta be calling people “baby” romantically or sexually…ew.

14. neefvii

Ripping the skin off a creature and wearing it around. Sure it’s dried and treated with chemicals, but look closely and you can still see pores and where the skin folded.

15. liado

wireless technologies kinda hurt my head.

16. benfegradoe

Kissing, Why is it that touching your lips is a sign of affection.

17. string97bean

The idea of assigning value to currency. I had you a piece of paper and you give me goods/services.

18. shinyscales

The fact that we can see things.

19. howimetyomama

Being alive. Spend five minutes studying anatomy/genetics/evolution and it becomes really clear just a few things could be different and you’d have Huntington’s. Or Sickle Cell. And life would be shitty.
It’s incredible as many of us are as healthy as we are.

20. JaseAndrews

Your skin is crawling with billions of bacteria.

21. SamanthaParkington

How people invented language. Seriously. How did they come up with words?!

22. Static_and_Bullshit

All these people around the world, believing in different gods: to know that such a vast majority of them simply has to be wrong, is to wonder how wrong we can be, and how little we know.
We live lives we pretend to understand and control but we really are doing more surviving than living, and more imagining than understanding. It’s weird.

23. ignoramusaurus

People who die in tragic ways are just going about their day not knowing they’re about to die.

24. DepartmentStoreSpook

Literally everything. For example, right now I’m pushing some buttons with abstract symbols on them on something called a keyboard, and am instantly able to transmit my own thoughts through a machine that takes them, breaks them apart into other abstract symbols, and then reassembles and transmits them in some ethereal non-physically existing thing called the internet, where anyone, anywhere, at any time can look at that same exact pattern of lines and dots and instantly understand exactly what I was thinking

25. its_a_punderful_life

If you’re currently a virgin, you’re the only virgin in long, long line of ancestors over thousands upon thousands of years. They’re all just waiting for you to continue the chain.

26. doggydoggerton

Infinity. The fact that a number can go on endlessly really creeps me out.

27. grumpypotato

Airplanes. You’re sitting in a chair, miles up in the sky, going 500mph on a gust of wind. And people complain about the food.

28. edible_aids

Why boobs are so great. I LOVE them but they’re just sacks of fat with nipples on them. They’re not even really private parts, but society made them private…

29. ViaRoarUgh

Clapping is really weird. You’re smacking your hands together to indicate approval.

30. kirkirus

Either we’re alone in the universe or we aren’t. Either possibility is mind-boggling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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