30 Non-Americans On The American Norms They Find Weird

22. yyoyyo

Lawyer adverts, everywhere.
Proper Saul Goodman style lawyer adverts. The rented villa we stayed in had at least 4 fridge magnets advertising lawyers, brochures with more lawyers lay around the villa, adverts on TV constatly with more lawyers.
It was weird.
Other than that the usual stuff that’s already been said, tipping, your terrible chocolate (except m&ms), waving big signs etc.

23. Source_Australian

How poor the taste of fruit and veg is. I spent 3 years and visited most of the states and never found them to taste right. I’ve had avocados in poor markets in Turkey that would make you moan. Tomatoes in rural Vietnam that would eat like an apple because they were perfect. For a 1st world country, the produce is worse than 2nd and 3rd world countries.

24. Chairman19

The level of homelessness was a huge shock to me. And I feel like a lot of people spit in the street, from street thugs to businessmen in suits.

25. ermintwang

How many VERSIONS of every food product there are. You can’t just have one thing, it has to come in blueberry, vanilla, diet, low fat, low sodium, big, small, round and GRAPE, everything is grape flavoured. Nothing is grape flavoured in the UK.


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