30 Non-Americans On The American Norms They Find Weird

14. AmandaHerps1

You are all so loud! But friendly. I thought americans were amazing

15. greenandgold52

Pickles. Your hidden love for pickles. I have been in the states for like 8 years and you guys give a pickle with everything.

16. IltalehdenToimitus

When I was young and naive, I learned from online forums that Americans took shits that clogged their toilets. I assumed that Americans take massive shits that we Europeans just can’t match (after all, everything is bigger in America)
When I came to US, I learned that they just have different toilets with small hole that gets clogged. European toilets never do that. They have bigger hole. You can put tennis ball trough it.

17. SocraticDiscourse

The weird institutional support for social hierarchies in the education system. In other countries, parents and teachers try to encourage kids to treat everyone the same, but in the US they actually seem to reinforce the idea that some are better than others. Having a Mr & Mrs Popular that get formally appointed “prom king” and “prom queen” and everyone is supposed to clap for them is just ridiculously elitist. Equally the whole sorority and fraternity system, where people get into the club based on other members ranking them as people and they then try to collectively climb the social cool level by having parties with cooler clubs of the other gender. It’s really fucked up, and most of them encourage a sort of 18 year old view of the world that most Europeans of a similar age have grown out of.


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