30 Facts Of Everyday Life That People Find It Extremely Hard To Accept


1. mouser42

That people can think in languages other than my native one.

2. HotRodRob98

How Wednesday is spelled.

3. notcompletelycorrect

Spiders have a meaningful and important role in our ecosystem and aren’t just here to terrorize us.

4. hn1480

That flying in an airplane is safer than driving a car.

5. Final7C

that .999999999999… = 1

6. sentient_nexus

Nothing before the big bang, Stephen Hawking said asking what was before is like asking whats north of the north pole. The philosopher in me doesn’t like it.

7. SorryMomSorryGod

Tomatoes are a fruit. >:(

8. BarryMcKockinner

It’s estimated that ~86% of species on Earth are still unknown.
Source for those interested. http://www.geek.com/geek-cetera/we-have-only-discovered-14-of-all-species-on-earth-1415995/

9. WittyChico

That if you don’t have a kid, you’re the first one since your ancestral line started to not reproduce.

10. dekremneeb

ah man I’m gutted I’m late to this party, but if you give a deck of cards a good shuffle into an entirely random order, it is pretty likely that it is the first time in history that any deck of cards has been in that order. When I first heard that my mind was blown.

11. narcissistic_asshole

There are infinite numbers between any 2 numbers.

12. MrOhDaeSu

That everyone else around me has a life just a complex as mine, but to me they are just classmates, friends or strangers walking by on the street.

13. mcdangertail

Wifi/Cellular data/satellite TV… basically anything that takes data signals from the air and reassembles them into pictures. I understand the theory, but it’s still basically magic to me.

14. Dash_Off

How computers work. How can 1’s and 0’s translate into a fucking website I have no idea.

15. Hominid77777

There are perfectly nice, reasonable, intelligent people who disagree with my political opinions.

16. Cicero_X

The pronunciation of ‘gif’.

17. Taximan4

I think it is wrong that the world is run by an imaginary concept of currency. Somehow if you have enough paper or metal you are worth more than others.

18. Glitter_Cunt

The fact that airplanes can fly.

19. WadeWilsonforPope

Cleopatra was alive closer to today than to the building of the pyramids.
or this new one i found recently.
There were still Mammoths alive when the pyramids were being built.
Its just so abstract to me.

20. aabbccatx

My college GPA is near meaningless 2-3 years after I graduated.
Yes it matters for grad school, but not after you finish grad school.

21. Girl_in_space

I’m intellectually against the death penalty, because if it turns out the accused was innocent, there’s no going back. But I really want some of those assholes to die, you know?

22. Arrel

My parents had sex.

23. AtomicMonkeyTheFirst

You can get from N.Korea to Finland by going through one country.

24. brokenhumor

“That quotation’s go outside of the period.” Then the next sentence goes right on acting like it doesn’t mind the encroachment. I mind.

25. DeepWoods

That physical objects are mostly empty space, but atomic forces make them feel solid.

26. fuufnfr

After I’m dead, my consciousness will no longer exist.
My mind understands this, but my soul tells me that’s not how it works.

27. SecondTalon

When the sign says Right Lane Closed 1000 yards ahead – the people speeding along in the Right Lane only to merge in at the last moment are… doing the right thing.
Intellectually, I know that the optimal way is for traffic to remain dispersed and zipper merge at the last moment so as to maximize usage of the road.

28. thesilverpig

Air Force One is just any plane with the president and not the name of THE plane.

29. jacks_wasted_life

There are trees alive today that were alive before the pyramids were built. The shit is mind blowing to me.

30. PolarBearBingo

Affirmative action. I understand why it exists but it just seems wrong to me. TC Mark

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