This Isn’t A Story. This Is A Warning.

Flickr, Ivan
Flickr, Ivan

Forgive my brevity. There’s not much time left. I read about an experiment once that said some kid in 1965 stayed awake for 11 days, set a world record, but I haven’t slept in nearly a month and I’m afraid my breaking point is on the horizon.

You know those people who love to be scared? The ones who see every horror movie, read every Stephen King novel, jump out of airplanes just for the rush? Maybe you’re one of them. I know I was.

It started simply enough. Another boring Saturday night surfing the internet and watching Netflix, because focusing your attention on one thing in this day and age is not only laughable, but impossible.

You never expect your life to change, you know? Especially not thanks to some stupid email.

Shit. I have to stay focused. It’s hard to focus, though, it said so in that article about the kid in 1965, how there was no extensive damage to the people who stayed awake that long but their concentration broke down more and more as the days went on. It’s almost like being a kid again, the way your eyes and mind jump from subject to subject endlessly, endlessly.


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