The Perfect Gift For Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

The perfect hack for gift giving is to consider the astrological sign of the recipient. Here you have a ready-made list of likes and dislikes that even skeptics begrudgingly admit “totally” describe them. You can be a hero of gift-giving with a simple Google search of their birth date:

Aries – Yard Game

An Aries will appreciate a gift they’ve never heard of before. They love fun and adventure and trying new things. An active and modern yard game like Spikeball or Kan Jam lets them indulge in their playful side and gives them an excuse to meet new people — just take the game to a public park. Your Aries will get wrapped up in competition and mastering the skills necessary to beat everyone else at their new game, this is how they shine.

Taurus – Deck Grill

Steady Taurus would appreciate a gift that incorporates two of their favorite things (good food and being a nurturer) like a deck grill. Let your Taurus cook for you while you set the mood inside with some relaxing music and a candle or two. When their bellies are full of good food, Taureans are in total bliss.

Gemini – Paint By Number Set

Geminis are the most passionate sign in the zodiac. They’re easy to buy gifts for because they get excited about so much (and so easily). Give them something that will ignite their creativity, but is something they can complete in about a week so they don’t feel guilty if their short attention span causes them to wander on to something else. beautiful paint by number set is the perfect combination of structured creativity.

Cancer – Luxury Candle

Cancers are huge homebodies and love to cultivate a relaxing, nurturing retreat for themselves and those they love. Give them something that will make their home even more pleasant. A luxury candle that they may not buy themselves is something they’ll totally treasure. Try one of these Diptyque ones.

Leo – Karaoke Machine

Leos LIVE for being the center of attention. An excellent gift for them, is one that helps them do what they do best, perform. Give them a karaoke machine and watch them make a fool out of themselves. It’s a gift for both of you, really.

Virgo – Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Virgos are practical people who appreciate practical gifts — just be sure to make it somewhat indulgent and of a higher quality than they’d buy themselves. A nice sheet set is the right balance here: try Egyptian cotton ones. Your Virgo will feel like they’re living in luxury every night.

Libra – Murder Mystery Game

Your Libra wants a gift they can involve their friends in, since they are happiest when they’re with the people they love. A murder mystery game gives them an excuse to be a host and lovingly fuss over their guests. Everyone will get engrossed in the game and as a bonus, your Libra will enjoy people talking about what a unique event they were able to plan months into the future.

Scorpio – A Special Candle

Sensual scorpio desires candles that melt into massage oils. Few realize that behind the fiery exterior of this sign, they crave affectionate human touch more than any other sign. This gift gives them the perfect excuse they’re craving to indulge in a night of mutual spoiling with their partner. Their body will be worshiped and their need to be just a little bit vulnerable will be scratched.

Sagittarius – Umbrella Hat

Playful Sagittarius wants an umbrella hat that can make them the center of attention even in situations where people are mostly paying attention to themselves. Sagittarians have the best sense of humor in the zodiac and this is best expressed gift-wise through practical items with a twist. Any situation in which a Sag can take a normal item and make it humorous is one they’ll adore.

Capricorn – USB Powered Mini-Fridge

The perfect gift for a Capricorn is one that gets them one step closer to their dream of ruling the world. This is also an opportunity to care for your Capricorn as they tend to work far too hard. The best of both worlds is a USB powered mini-fridge they can keep at their desk for an afternoon treat of a pick-me-up soda, or a single beer to celebrate the end of a productive work day.

Aquarius – Tablet

An Aquarius does not want a frivolous gift. Stroke their ego and appeal to their intelligence with a Kindle or tablet gift. They’ll be able to read books anywhere and explore the world in their favorite way: through their mind.

Pisces – Record Player

Pisces are old souls who will appreciate gifts that help them enjoy the important things in life: good food, good music, beautiful art, and creativity. A record player is the perfect gift for them. They’ll play it in the background while reading, cooking, or working on their art — and think of you.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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