21 Guys On The Pickup Line They’ve Heard That Actually Worked

Bartenders are no strangers to pick-ups lines from girls. Dominic (Adan Canto), Fabienne (Frankie Shaw), and Jessica (Alexis Carra).
Last week, we asked our readers to give us the best, funniest, and most effective pickup lines they’d ever heard while out, in celebration of ABC’s new show Mixology. We picked the best of the best for you here.

1. If a girl just walks up to you and says “Hey, can I buy you a drink?” it is totally sexy and guaranteed to work.

2. One time a girl came up to me and was like “You are really hot.” It was intense but I really liked it. I talked to her and danced with her the rest of the night. (I’m not going to say if we went home together because I’m classy, but, you know…)

3. “Did your license get suspended for driving all these girls crazy?”

4. “You look like David Beckham!”

5. “I really need to ditch my friends, can I hang out with you?”

6. A girl once asked my friend if he wanted to go next door and grab a slice of pizza… just like that. It wasn’t anything complicated, but it took the two of them out of the noise and got them just talking. It was pretty crazy but it worked!

7. “Wanna do a shot of whiskey?”

8. I think it’s really sexy when a girl orders herself a martini and asks you if you want anything. I don’t know why but to me a martini is the sexiest thing a girl can order because it’s classy but it’s not something that everyone can drink.

9. Honestly something as simple as “Hi, how is your night going?” can work on most guys.

10. “Are you alone?”

You can't get anywhere sitting on the sidelines. Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) and Liv (Kate Simses). - Mixology.
You can’t get anywhere sitting on the sidelines. Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) and Liv (Kate Simses). – Mixology.

11. One thing that I’ve seen work multiple times is when a girl will go up to a group of guys and ask if she can sit in the seat next to them in a kind of flirty way. If she takes that first step and shows she’s interested, it always sends the right signals.

12. “Do you have any raisins? How about a date?”

13. “Do I taste like whiskey?”

14. The only pickup line a girl really needs is something that makes a guy laugh. If you can make a guy laugh, you’re honestly golden.

15. “This music is too loud, want to go where it’s a little quieter?”

16. “I think I love you already.”

17. One time a girl told me that her heart started racing when she saw me. It was a little weird to be honest but I found it to be kind of cute that she was so open with how she felt. It definitely got me interested.

18. “Have sex with me and I promise never to talk to you again!”

19. “Do you have a roommate? Can I meet him?”

Girls can do the picking up too ;) Dominic (Adan Canto) and Kacey (Vanessa Lengies). - Mixology.
Girls can do the picking up too ;) Dominic (Adan Canto) and Kacey (Vanessa Lengies). – Mixology.

20. I think the hottest pickup line I ever saw a girl use was when she walked right up to him at the bar and told him that he was drinking a chick drink. She ordered two glasses of Jack Daniels and then drank it with him. I couldn’t believe it.

21. “Would you like to buy me a drink? I’m thirsty.” TC mark

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