Journey To The Modern Frontier: Art Collaboration To Answer The Question, “What Moves You?”


Starting now through the beginning of October, words, images and video will come together through fans and contributors, like you, for three phenomenal artists to use in creating a piece that brings to life today’s pioneering spirit, answering the question: “what moves you?”

Sponsored by Levi’s and featuring groundbreaking electronic musician Koreless, Mercury-prize nominated writer Ghostpoet and audio-visual artist/director Alex Turvey, the project looks to uncover motivations and inspirations behind true creative ambition by taking a ‘Journey To The Modern Frontier.’

What will result from the collaboration, only the contributors will know, and that’s where you come in. Fans and willing participants alike are asked to share what moves them through social media, using #makeourmark and #moves.

This torch-passing style collaboration will see Ghostpoet write the words before passing them onto Koreless who will compose the music and with the resulting piece of work audio-visual artist Alex Turvey will orchestrate both together in a jaw dropping space for a one-off, free to attend, live event on October 9. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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