Read This When You Need to Find The Strength To Leave Your Toxic Relationship

Read This When You Need to Find The Strength To Leave Your Toxic Relationship

Leave. Leave your toxic relationship. Leave the person that’s making you feel disrespected and not enough. Leave the fights. Leave the rollercoaster of emotions that circulates through your body – the excitement, the anger, the hurt, the accepting, the pain, the love, the convincing. Leave it all, gorgeous.

Because you’re worth so much more than feeling like you’re just a puppet in their game. By staying by their side, you are knowingly or unknowingly telling yourself that you are unworthy of love. That you are not deserving of someone who looks at you with admiration, respect, and awe.

I know it’s hard to believe this right now, but there is a relationship out there waiting specifically for you. And it will feel easy. You will still have disagreements and difficulties – every relationship does. But they will be met with open communication, honesty, grace, and compassion.

You are capable of this — I know you are. It will be scary and nerve-racking and unsettling, but that’s okay. If you had a child, think about what you would tell them. Think about the desperation you would have overflowing from your soul, the pleading you would want to do with them, in hopes that they would walk away from this unhealthy and damaging relationship.

Now, look within and treat yourself with that same care and concern. Shower yourself with the respect that you know you deserve.

Know that you have the world to offer to the right person, but at this point in time, that special soul of yours is simply getting trampled on. Your personality, your passions, your smile, your heart – none of it is being acknowledged and appreciated in the light that it should.

You’re not alone. So many of us have been there before too. It’s okay and nothing to be ashamed of. But now is your time to break free. Now is your time to let your strength and bravery shine fiercely. Now is your time to say goodbye to them and hello to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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