A Reminder That The Man Of Your Dreams Does Exist

A Reminder That The Man Of Your Dreams Does Exist

I want you to know that he’s out there. The man you dream about at night when you’re all alone in your bed. The man you drop to your knees and pray for God to send you. The man you keep hoping will just randomly walk into your life.

The thing is though, is that he may not be exactly the man you had thought he would be. He may be completely different than anyone you’ve ever been with – different heart, different face, different interests, different backgrounds, different values – and so at first glance, he may scare you. Our minds become so accustomed to the familiar that when someone or something comes into our lives and makes us reframe our thinking, it catches us off guard at first. It makes us question if this really even is the man for us.

But let me tell you, those fears will soon dissipate. Your worries will be replaced with peace. Your doubts will be removed and an overwhelming sense of gratitude, joy, and excitement will set in. For, you will soon realize that this is in fact the man God has had in store for you your entire life. All the previous heartbreaks and dead-end dates and lonely nights will prove worth it because they were simply stopping points along the scenic path that led you to your person.

This man of yours will break down every barrier you’ve put up in an attempt to protect yourself. He will provide endless comfort, support, and devotion as you leave old thought patterns and relational wounds in the past and embrace the beautiful, thriving relationship unfolding before you. He will look at your mistakes and flaws not as negatives but rather as areas that simply need to be loved on just a little extra.

This man of yours will make you want to be the best version of yourself without ever forcing you to change. He’ll be able to love and adore exactly who you are while still pushing you to challenge yourself in all areas of life. He’ll possess a confident energy that’ll reassure you he’s always there to take care of and lead you, while still maintaining a gentleness that’ll make your heart utterly melt whenever he holds you in his arms or kisses your forehead.  He’ll appreciate and partake in the silliness and spontaneous laughter of life, while still being able to communicate with you and talk about the deep and real emotions of life.

Everything from a fancy night out to watching Netflix to being with each other’s friends and families, to traveling to cuddling in bed to cooking and cleaning together will feel like the most incredible, fantastic, absolute dream date simply because you are with your best friend. The life you had once created solely for yourself has now merged with the heart of the man you love and has become your life together.

So on those days when you wonder if anyone is even out there for you, hold tight to the fact that yes, yes there is, beautiful girl. And my God, will your heart be completely swept away when you finally find this man of yours. The darkest, loneliest, and most confusing of days will pale in comparison to the spectacular, passion-filled, magical days ahead of you. Keep trusting in the Universe because the right love is worth it all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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