These Are The Dark Thoughts You Have After You Lose The Love Of Your Life

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Your heart is forced to deal with tragedies disguised as normalities in our day-to-day life.

In life, you are suppose to move on, to leave, and to let go. Can you really grieve in a world where you are forced to accept the temporary?

I can’t understand the logic of relationships. One day we find this person that completes parts of us we didn’t even know we had. We connect on every level and create a marriage of souls.

We invest all of ourselves into that one person, but then one day it all ends. In minutes, everything vanishes. How are you supposed to handle the idea of no longer talking to the person that holds your heart?

When you’re heartbroken, various thoughts corrupt your mind.

Did they really mean the I love yous?

When you play back every moment in the relationship, that one phrase is what marks you the most. Were those moments real?

You have a flash of when you heard it for the first time, how your heart seemed to stop to appreciate every new emotion being pumped through your veins. You then remember how this phrase appeared in your daily life during simple intimate moments.

Although every moment holds a certain pain, doubting if they were just words you were supposed to say in that stage of the relationship is painful.

Does forever exist or do emotions have a deadline?

We grow up with grandparents that are together for years. We are convinced that love is real. We are taught to believe in this concept by Disney films, books, and childhood stories.

Then we grow up, anxious to one day have the opportunity to find that one person that makes the feeling that something is missing disappear.

But what happens if you find that person and then the relationship ends? You ask yourself: Is love a myth? Is love mixed with passion that eventually evaporates and all we’re left with is just a friendship?

How are we supposed to just become strangers?

Everything simply ends and we are forced to battle this unknown. Yes, we did live before without that person, but we never thought we would have to experience that again.

When a relationship ends, you are not just losing their love, but you are losing the person you talked to about your problems, the person that held you through so much, the person that you have so much history with.

How can you change your entire routine? How can you abandon the need to talk, the need to see each other?

Finally, you ask yourself, why invest again? Why invest in such a cruel torture?

A relationship is like a drug, you feel amazing during the experience, but the hangover ruins you when it’s all over. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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