20 Ways To Know That You’re In Love

What is love? It is undefinable. It cannot be tethered to one word, sentence or phrase. How do you know that you are in love? It arrives in the most curious of ways, in waves, electrifying bursts, an all-encompassing feeling. How we know that were are in love is, to the outsider, most mundane in form. There are no fireworks, messages in bottles or in the sky; true love manifests from the very core of our being. Here is how to know that you are in love:

1. When kisses are no longer limited to seduction and desire, when kisses calm and soothe tiredness, anger and frustration. In love, kisses become the balm to a wound – tender and healing.

2. When we not only want but also work on becoming the best that we can be for our loved one, but most importantly, for ourselves.

3. When, at the very sight of a smile, a quivering lip, a furrowed brow, the words “I love you” rolls to the very tip of your tongue.

4. When arguments leave you not feeling bitter but instead wanting to come to a resolve together because you want to make this last.

5. The way your heart skips a beat every time you see your beloved for the first time, four months or four years into the relationship.

6. When you go beyond capturing moments together through video and photos; when you begin to commit moments together to memory, creating memories that are only for you to have.

7. When, in their presence, everything is better. In their presence, even during the most hardest of your days you think, it could be so much worse.

8. When eating cereal for breakfast together becomes a most sacred of moments.

9. But before this, when waking up next to your beloved in the morning fills you with a thirst for life; when waking up next to your beloved in the morning makes you look forward to the day.

10. When all you want to do is shout out just how beautiful and extraordinary they are as you watch them sleep beside you.

11. When the rhythmic pattern of their breathing sounds like an saccharine symphony that fills your heart with contentment.

12. When the term “I love you” does not seem sufficient enough to embody all that you feel for your beloved.

13. You feel most yourself with them.

14. When your favorite things about them are the most mundane of mannerisms: the way they scratch the tip of the nose; the way they look up when deep in thought; the way they drink water or unconsciously bite a fingernail or turn a page.

15. Much like the sound of their breathing, their laughter becomes your favorite sound, a sound so unique that you cannot even conjure from your mind when they are not there.

16. When you are able to laugh with abandon.

17. When you are less afraid of being yourself outside of your relationship.

18. When you find yourself wishing that your time spent together were infinite.

19. When their pain causes you anguish.

20. When their smile compels you to say, “I love you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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