Almost Transparent Blue by Ryu Murakami


In [6] one half-Japanese male (Saburo), one Japanese male (Ryu), three Japanese females (Reiko, Moko, Kei), four black males (Jackson, Bob Oscar, Durham; “The penises of the black men were so long they looked slender”) have an orgy, organized by Ryu, who has also organized at least one previous orgy, or “party.” This orgy in [6] is first referenced in [2] (“Hey, Ryu, you going to fix up another party?” “Yeah, well, those black guys asked me to.”) and is organized for the benefit of the American males, I think, who possibly pay Ryu for organizing it.

During the orgy they smoke hash; listen to “luxuriant samba” by Luiz Bon Fa; eat cherry cheesecake, grapes, “steaming boiled crab legs,” pickles, “bacon sandwiches,” “salad dripping pink mayonnaise,” pieces of chicken, crackers with honey; drink “clear sweet pale purple American wine.” There are blue strobe lights on the ceiling. Hashish is “smoldering” in an incense burner in the center of the room to a degree that in “less than thirty seconds” Ryu is “completely stoned.” Jackson uses vials of menthol and vanilla extract to enhance his experience. At one point Moko is eating grapes and then crab legs and someone places his penis in front of her and she alternates eating the crab legs, putting pink mayonnaise on it with her hands from a plate, and “sucking” the penis. Then Durham “enters” her from behind as she is trying to drink wine, and the wine goes into her nose and “she [chokes], tears in her eyes.”

At one point Saburo picks up Reiko (described elsewhere as “fat”) immediately after someone ejaculates in her face, lies almost flat on his back on a sofa, opens Reiko legs, puts his penis into her, and—not planning to but seeing the opportunity, it seems—sort of spins her around “using her butt as a pivot.” The other males see this happening and laugh and help Saburo spin Reiko (“Bob took her feet and Durham her head; both pressing hard on her butt, they began to spin her faster”). Throughout this Reiko is shrieking then crying then sobbing. Saburo’s penis is described previously in the orgy, as Kei crawls “like a dog” to everyone’s penis, putting each in her mouth, in turn, because she wanted to see “who’s got the biggest,” as “twice as large” as Ryu’s penis (“Hey Ryu, his is twice the size of the one ya got”). At the end of the scene James Brown is on the record player. The last sentence of the scene is “Reiko crawled to the table, drained a glass of peppermint wine and said loudly, That tastes good.”


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