21 People Share Their Idea Of What’s The Most Brutal Death

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1. “Turning into a human vegetable with no control over your body, dying slowly every day over a prolonged period of time.” – N., 50

2. “Having someone sneak up on you, and smashing your head – but without the mercy of instant death. Lying there, knowing you’re dying, waiting for death to come to you.” – S., 45

3. “Death by torture. A slow, agonizing end, each part of you being destroyed one by one.” – M., 24

4. “Being skinned alive and then being fed your own balls while standing in front of a mirror and then bleeding out.” – S., 19

5. “Death by heartbreak. Watching your life ebb out slowly because there are no painkillers for the heart.” – M., 31

6. “Watching your loved ones being killed before you, then waiting for death to take you too – only it doesn’t.” – A., 17

7. “Being cut into pieces, from the bottom up, while you’re still alive.” – D., 21

8. “Falling into an ocean when you can’t swim, being eaten alive by sharks, as the water turns red and chunks of your own flesh float around you.” – A., 16

9. “Being pushed off a tall building onto a bed of spikes and bleeding out impaled on sharp objects.” – L., 20

10. “Being deprived of food and water, while being kept in isolation, knowing all your systems are slowly shutting down.” – K., 25

11. “Slow death. Being confined in a cubical box where you fit snugly and it is lined by sharp, pointy glass pieces so that they pierce the your skin, then having molten metal or acid poured on the wounds.” – G., 22

12. “Being driven out of your mind. Being pushed to precipice of dying everyday but then being pulled out of it. Feeling so much pain, you pray for death, but stopping right before you actually die.” – M., 35

13. “Dying a pointless, wasteful death that could have easily been avoided. Like a road accident.” – A., 28

14. “Slashing your own wrists and regretting it, knowing its too late to stop the process now and you’re going to die anyway.” – M., 24

15. “I have hydrophobia, so being drowned to death is the worst thing I can think of. It will break my mind and my body, at the same time.” – A., 28

16. “Being alone at the time of death. The process doesn’t matter as much as knowing you have nobody who cares does.” – O., 30

17. “Being killed by someone you trust. A betrayal that breaks your heart and your body at the same time.” – T., 22

18. “Complete knowledge of your fate. Being aware of the fact that you are about to die a painful death.” – R., 44

19. “Being led to believe that you deserve to feel anxious and depressed, that you are worthless, and that your death will not have the slightest consequence on anyone. When that happens, you’re already half dead, it’s a place darker than the end of life.”  – V., 21

20. “Slipping into a coma knowing you’re in tremendous physical, and subsequent emotional pain but not being able to say it. And living in that vegetable state till your body gives up on you. Trapped in your own body, for eternity.” – R., 23

21. “Trapped in a room that is slowly drained of oxygen, while you are aware that it is happening.” – R.J., 20

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