10 Ways You Know He’s A Keeper

1. You’re his muse.

He constantly showers you with words of affirmation that let you know just how amazing he thinks you are and how much you inspire him to be a better person.

2. He’s your muse.

He encourages your growth, pushing you to be better in every aspect of your life: professionally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

3. You’re his “go to” person.

When he needs advice, he goes to you. When he needs to make a huge decision, it is your opinion he values most. He seeks your approval and never wants to disappoint you.

4. He’s genuinely interested in you.

If he asks how your day went, he listens with intent and follows up with more questions. He wants to know everything about you: what makes you tick, what inspires you, who you are, who you want to be. He wants to know what kind of life you intend to lead and how you’re going to get there. And most of all, he wants to know whether that life includes him.

5. You are great friends.

You enjoy each other’s company and have fun no matter what you’re doing. You can go out on a night out in town or just cuddle together on the couch and watch a movie. You can even be in the same room, each doing your own thing and barely saying a word to one another, and it’s all good because you’re doing it together.

6. He loves you at your best and accepts you at your worst.

However, it doesn’t make you immune to any critiques. He will always tell you about yourself, but it will be free of judgments or disapproval. He knows how you are at your best and will only use his critiques to steer you in the right direction.

7. He always makes time for you, no matter the circumstance.

You’re important to him and he never wants you to go a second thinking otherwise.

8. He can’t go a day without speaking to you.

You’re the first person he talks to in the morning and the last he speaks to at night. Whether it is something good or bad, he wants you to know how his day is going. He wants to celebrate high points with you and seeks your words of encouragement during low points. No matter what, he keeps you in the loop.

9. You’re his woman and he’s not afraid to let the world know it.

Whether he’s showering you with public displays of affection or speaking lovingly of you, there isn’t one person he knows or will encounter who won’t know just how much he loves you.

10. He’s not afraid to let you know either.

He regularly professes his love for you, through his words but more importantly through his actions. He is accommodating to your needs. He respects and cherishes you. He never wants to see you hurt, especially if he’s the cause. He is your fierce protector, your biggest advocate, you not-so-secret admirer, your lover. He is yours. All yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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