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When Harry Met Sally

Searching For Harry Burns

I realized that perhaps the reason that I love “When Harry Met Sally” so much is because I’ve been looking for a Harry Burns and I don’t feel like that it’s at all outside the realm of possibility that I may find one. Let me explain…

5 Films Everyone Should Watch Before They Die

Because we’re currently all being subjected to all of the exciting footage from the Cannes film festival (which may or may not be making us jealous), I thought I would compile a list of the films I’ve seen which are culturally relevant, important, or just a damn good watch.

When Harry Met Sally In 2013

They would meet on Facebook because Sally would post (under her customized settings she created, viewable to “friends” and “friends of friends” but hidden from “work colleagues” and “environmental studies classmates” and “ex boyfriends and lovers” but still available to…