You’re Hurting Now, But Someday You’ll Be Okay

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How many times did you hate yourself because of getting hurt for all the wrong reasons? How many times did you wish you built walls instead of bridges because maybe if you did, you would be able to protect yourself? How many times did you pray you were brave enough to walk away?

So many times, you already lost count.

You fell in love with the wrong person. You let all your guards down; let the butterflies in your stomach get into your head; and let your heart decide instead of your brain.

You became vulnerable to all the lies and deceptions. You became a willing victim because you believed that love is enough to change a person. But you came to realize that’s not how it works.

You can cry your eyes out but he still won’t realize your worth. You can waste your time waiting for him to love you back but he still won’t feel the same. And you can tear down all the walls you’ve built but it still won’t be enough.

You know why?

Because love is not something you force upon. Love, no matter how great, is not enough if it’s meant for the wrong one.

Yes, it hurts. It hurts because it matters even if he’s not worth it. You can’t stop yourself from hating and you definitely can’t stop yourself from hurting. You’re human and pain is a reminder of your every what if and what could have been.

It may hurt right now but someday, you will be okay. The wounds will heal, the tears will stop, and the pain will disappear.

Heartbreaks are painful reminders that you should not rush to find love because if you’re meant to be with that person, he’ll stay no matter how many times you push him away.

The wounds will become scars when the right time comes. Someday, you will look at the person who broke your heart and feel nothing. And you can finally walk away without breaking.

Always remind yourself that there’s someone deserving who is waiting and he will come to you when you least expect him.

Until that day, feel the pain and let the tears flow. Hear your heart break but don’t let it get the best of you. And no matter what happens, don’t ever let today’s pain prevent you from being happy again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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