You’re Kind, But You’re Tired


You’re tired of people.

You’re tired of trusting too much only to get left behind the moment you start thinking they’re worth the risk. You’re tired of believing promises only to get your heart broken upon realizing they’re all nothing but lies. You’re tired of all the times they wondered how you’re doing only to hear them ask a favor after you say, “I’m fine.”

You’re tired of all the times you waited for a sincere “How are you?” only to find yourself disappointed because they didn’t even say “Hi.” You feel betrayed by all the people who remember only when it’s convenient, only when they need something, or only when they want to be associated with the current success you’re in.

You’re so fed up with all the broken promises, with all the false assurances, and with all the times you kept your hopes up only to wake up with a broken heart.

You hate yourself for always falling into their traps. For always believing that people do change as long as you have faith in them. Most of all, you hate yourself for choosing to be good and to do good even if most of the time, all you really end up with are scratches and burns.

Sometimes, you can’t help but understand why some chose to be coldhearted because you stumbled upon the truth that it’s easier to hurt others than to heal yourself.

You wish it’s easy to turn your back because to be honest, not everyone deserves your heart. You wish it’s okay to burn bridges and shut all of them out. You can, but you won’t. Because frankly, you’re too stubborn to believe that not everyone is worth it.

You’re the type who’s brave enough to believe that your heart will not be broken by the people you chose to love. You’re the type who chooses to stay silent because you know you won’t fix yourself by breaking someone else.

Yes, you’re tired of people. But that doesn’t mean you would give up on them.

And that’s what makes you different, because you still choose to go on even when you have been broken.

And apparently, the things you hate about yourself?
They are also the reasons why you are worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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