If Your Twin Flame Relationship Isn’t Working Out, It’s Probably Because You Haven’t Realized This

People often see the pain in letting go, but what I see is liberation. You give yourself a new life when you choose yourself over holding onto something that is taking you out of your balance.

Even if we only keep a backdoor for someone in our heads, it’s this little door to that parallel reality that keeps us half-sleepy and only half-awake.

In my case, I had that door open for my twin flame for many years without even realizing it. It kept my energy stuck in two realities. In two possibilities. And I thought that this is what you have to do when you meet your twin.

How could you ever let go of someone who touches you in the deepest parts of your soul?

But slowly, I realized that I do a disservice to myself by keeping that door open. And this is the moment when everything shifted. I chose myself over something, somebody whose imprint was deeply wired into my being.

And do you know what I found after I did it? Absolute liberation and freedom to the extent that I never knew was even possible.

When you let go of that one last thing, the very special person who has been on your mind for so many years, you release an enormous amount of energy—the energy you had been investing in keeping that door open.

You refocus your energy on yourself and realize your true power. You become whole on a new level because you realize that you actually don’t need anyone specific in your life, not even as a friend.

You don’t need to do the right thing and stay in touch with your twin flame. You don’t have to overstretch yourself just because you feel like you should do it. You don’t have to become perfect to deserve them. You take your power back.

If you kept waiting forever for your twin or searched for that one special person, then you would never realize your own power. You’d keep projecting yourself onto your twin flame. You’d be focused on the other person without recognizing your own strength.

If you were with them and even 1% of you believed your twin flame was special, you’d never realize that the bliss you were seeking in that relationship is already within you. You’d never see your own beauty.

This is the reason why those special relationships don’t work out. Because if they did, the universe would deprive you of an opportunity to meet the true and powerful you. And that would never happen.

Even if you didn’t want to admit it to yourself, you saw your twin flame as someone better than you. You perceived them as the only source of the ultimate bliss you can experience on Earth.

And then you realize two things:

1. The ultimate bliss, the divine union, happens within you.

2. No relationship where one is perceived as more special can ever work.

Even if you were with your twin, you could never be happy if you believed that they’re the ultimate person for you. This belief originates in fear and ego. It’s the ego’s way to distract us from our true selves. It’s the ego’s way to keep us playing small.

So many people focus on their twin flames and soulmates to the point that it takes them out of their center. They chase that person. They dignify them. There is only this one thing occupying their minds. And those are the same reasons why it never works out.

All the ways and people eventually only lead you back to yourself. You either keep returning to yourself voluntarily or the universe will create a situation that will force you to do it.

No matter who the other person is, be it your twin flame, soulmate, or any other flame, you don’t need them. I know that you can’t imagine letting them go, and maybe it’s not what you have to do, but if you know it’s the time, then know you will be fine.

More than that, you’ll find that twin flame, the other perfect half, within yourself. And then you’ll wonder how easy and natural it was to close that door. You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner. You’ll feel free and powerful because nothing and no one uses up your energy anymore. And then you’ll know that you can handle anything.

Your inner light will turn on more than ever before, and you’ll focus on doing your thing. Your dharma. Choosing creating out of happiness because joy will flow back into your veins. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m a spiritual life coach, TEDx speaker, and author. Embody Your Soul

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