5 Traits You Need To Know About A Pisces


March is upon us so that means it’s the Pisces month! I am a Pisces myself, so I know these traits to be true. However, I have met and spoken with hundreds of other Pisces throughout my life who also share these exact traits. Here’s my list of 5 traits I believe everyone should know in order to understand the Pisces in their life a little better.

1. Pisces are very emotional beings. They have great intuition, and are often more of “feelers” than “thinkers.” If you have a friend or significant other who is a Pisces, make sure you spend time with them instead of buying presents; Pisces enjoy company over materialistic items. Be aware the emotions can be good and bad. Many can claim Pisces tend to be “bipolar” but it is not true; they are just very into their emotions and feel everything very deeply. When upset, they’re way upset, but when happy, they’re contagious.

2. Pisces are givers by nature. They feel the happiest when they make others happy. This is often why Pisces are disappointed with others, because they forget the reality that what they give will not always be given back. Just give the Pisces some alone time to reflect and they will be good as new after an hour or two…and some wine.

3. Pisces are care takers. Naturally, they fall into the “mom” role of the group. Always asking if others are okay, making sure things are in order, checking in with everyone. This is a great strength of Pisces. It makes them great mothers, siblings, and friends. Pisces are also their own worst critic so make sure you check in on them from time to time, too.

4. Creativity is the hub of Pisces. Whether it is art, writing, or music (or sometimes all three!) Pisces are people who thrive in creativity and thinking outside the box. Rules are comfortable for Pisces at first, but eventually they find their own way to get things done efficiently. Pisces also love to get recognition when their hard work is recognized. They don’t typically crave attention from strangers, but when the credit is due they happily accept the round of applause.

5. Pisces tend to be the “all or nothing” type. They know they will invest everything into a project or a person so they assume others will, too. When finding out someone else is only half involved or not serious, Pisces are not afraid to let go and move on to what makes them happy. This can be the same for religion, school, friends, gym routines and eating habits. They tend to commit solid once they make a commitment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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