This Is What I Want You To Promise Me

Vic. 夏
Vic. 夏

I want you to promise me that when things get rough and tough, you’ll think of all the times we were tougher. Those times when we sailed smoothly, when no wave was high enough to knock our boat down. The times when all we had to do was talk things out and we’d be good as new.

I want you to promise me that when I push you too hard, you will recall the times I barely got in your way.. the times I let you be, and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

I want you to promise me that when you feel like I’m being crazy, you will think of the moments you felt like I’m the most understanding person you’ve ever met. Of the moments when you thought I compare to Gandhi. Think of the moments when you thought I wasn’t real because of how easily I could see the light in the dark.

I want you to promise me that when you get mad at me and become too tired of being with me, you’ll think of our crazy moments together, of when we didn’t have to say anything anymore because our being latched to each other said it all. Promise me you’ll think of the times I made you smile in the liver, of the good morning love and kisses at any time of the day that made you relax, of the nights you found it a lot easier to sleep cuddled with me.

I want you to promise that when I hurt you too much, you’ll remember every single day I made you feel loved, cared for, and special. Promise me you will believe more in the truth that I love you and that your pain is my pain.

I want you to promise me that when you feel like giving up, you’ll remind yourself of everything we’ve been through, of how we both were made better by our shared feelings, of how we are so in love. Remind yourself of how we promised to keep choosing each other no matter how hard the situation gets. Of how we won’t let go of each other, not in this lifetime.

I want you to promise me to remember these promises no matter how busy and crazy our life and schedule get. To never forget that your dreams are my dreams, and that your happiness is my happiness.

I want you to promise me these things, not because I did it myself but because I love you and have been with you long enough to know you can continue keeping these promises you have quietly made through the things you do for me. Because I believe in you, your words and actions no matter what you think of yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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