In The End, We Will Be Okay

I often find myself nostalgic for the present moment because I know that things will never be the way they are at that given time.

Moments of joy will trickle away. Moments of laughter will slowly fade. First times will no longer hold that special sentiment that was once there.

Promises of forevers will turn into, for the time being. Plans will change. Hellos will turn into good bye’s and goodbyes will turn into places, people and things we once knew.

The only thing left to do is to feel it all, today. While you are alive because tomorrow will turn to dust, tomorrow you might not be here. Tomorrow may never come.

So, laugh so hard your abs hurt, smile so big that your cheeks can’t handle anymore, and then give it more. Share these moments with another being. Fully allow yourself to enjoy the presence of another body beside you or in front of you.

Allow yourself the time to fully enjoy a meal or sweet treat. Treasure each bite. How each ingredient comes together to nourish you. Really let it nourish you, don’t punish your self for enjoying food. Stop that!

Stop, I mean really stop to notice the way leaves flow on a breezy day. Notice the vibrant colors of flowers blooming after the rain has fallen and light leaks in through the clouds slowly melting away all of your worries. Life is blooming. The way organisms come together to coexist on earth. The way cells mimic their surroundings and learn from it.

Yes, I often find myself nostalgic for the present moment because I know it will no longer be. But it is also the reason I smile a little bigger, laugh a lot harder and my heart feels with gratitude and warmth knowing that amongst heartbreaks, friendships, romance I am lucky to have had these moments. To have learned from these moments, to have taken the lessons and let anything else.

Because in the end; Good things happen, love is real, we will be okay.

Words and Thoughts

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