Regardless Of How It Unfolds, It's Beautiful

Regardless Of How It Unfolds, It’s Beautiful

I think it’s beautiful that somewhere along the way on a planet that houses over seven billion beings the circumstances lined up just right. That you and another body, mind, and soul were so intertwined that you began to merge. That you couldn’t see a future without them. That the idea of anyone else just didn’t quite make sense. That day after day you chose them amongst all of the distractions.

How the sound of someone’s voice can cause every bone in you to radiate electricity throughout your body. How the warmth of that special someone sitting beside you can cause the rhythm of your heart to sync up, can cause your breath to align. How soft lips pressed against your skin causes your vagus nerve to calm your being. How two bodies pressed against one another creates art.

Regardless of how it all unfolds, I think it’s magical how you become so open that you begin to blend with another soul, with no ending in sight. I think it’s magical that you begin to plan a future with someone. How first dates can become a lifetime adventure. Plans to trace every point with that special being. Vivid images that keep you looking forward to another day.

I think it’s special how someone can cause blood to rush throughout your body every time you come in contact with them, making your chest pound, your tummy feel as if you have “butterflies” that you begin to feel like you are floating like you are weightless like you are suspended. I think it’s magical that love can make you feel like gravity does not apply to you. I think it’s magical that love can stop the world and make the two of you get off.

Regardless of how it unfolds, I think there’s something to be said about wanting to bring warmth to another being. There’s something to be said about staying up just a little bit longer to share more about each other. There’s something to be said about the dedication, growing, and commitment another being can bring.

Regardless of how it unfolds, I think cell to cell connection is fucking magical, even if it’s just chemicals, even if it’s for biological purposes because sometimes believing in soul mates and colliding is what you need. Because sometimes, it was meant to be is better than questioning the unknown. Regardless of how it unfolds, there’s so much to be said about love.

And that is the most beautiful thing of all.

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