Read This If You’re Confused About Where You Stand In Your Relationship

You deserve more than unanswered questions. You deserve to get the answers you seek. You deserve more than a puzzle that’s missing pieces. You deserve the whole fucking piece.

You deserve the reassurance you seek. You deserve a stable foundation and not shaky infrastructures that leave you feeling unsafe, the ones in which you don’t know what pavement is safe and what will collapse.

You deserve to elevate with each step you take to a more clear view of where you stand with this, whatever “this” is.

You deserve a reply to the text you sent within a reasonable time, not a “you up?” or a “sorry, been busy.”

You deserve realness and the ability to be open in a relationship, not someone who plays games. Not someone who comes and goes as they please.

You deserve understanding, not someone who calls you names to deflect from the issue at hand as a mechanism to avoid a real conversation.

The right person will make time. The right person will try to understand. The right person will put themselves in your shoes. The right person will give you the answers you seek, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

The right person will be honest, even if it hurts. The right person will be open and give you the chance to choose them, not sugarcoat the truth in a lie to keep you around until they get bored.

The right person delivers actions, not empty words with no resolutions.

When it’s all said and done what you need to know is this: The right person will make it known. The right person will show up. You won’t wonder what “this” is because it will be clear—it will be said.

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