I'm Slowly Blooming Into Myself

I’m Slowly Blooming Into Myself

I’ve been experiencing changes — not the altering, shifting kind, but the changes that take place daily. The changes that come from living and moments experienced. Those changes that, with time, shape you and mold you into the being you are. The type of changes that come from planting seeds over time to one day bloom. The changes that come from lessons learned through heartache and laughter. The type of changes that align with your core. In which the clouds clear and the rays of the sun penetrate to illuminate your path. Those moments that feel as if galaxies and planets emerged into one just for you to be here and experience this moment. The type of changes that come from reflecting and give you a shape shifting perspective and love.

We try so hard to have it all figured out when in reality the only way to figure anything out is by living and experiencing, it’s through those experiences that we are able to determine what works for us and what doesn’t. And as much as we aren’t always fond of some of those experiences, they are crucial to the inner structure of who we are. Those experiences help us figure out what it is we really want — and no, I am not only referring to what we want externally but how we want to feel internally.

Listen to your feelings; they’re there for a reason. By being true to the way you feel, you can make the choice that is right for you. The “right” choice varies for each individual. The “right” choice is dependent on how you want to feel. For me, that is depth — depth in what I do for work, depth in friendships, depth in romantic relationships and depth in life. By paying attention to the way I feel after each interaction, I’ve been able to let go of toxic friendships and nurture friendships that enrich my soul. By listening to the way I feel I’ve been able to work for organizations that create social change. By listening to the way I feel, I’ve been able to communicate effectively in relationships and address what doesn’t feel right.

I have been experiencing changes that align with how I want to feel. The way we feel is so important for our soul and well being. In the end the way we feel helps us bloom into ourselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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