14 Signs Your Guy Friend Has A Crush On You

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1. He reacts strangely when you bring up your romantic life in front of him. Often, he’ll shut down, trying to change the subject, or make a disparaging remark about someone you’re interested in. Friends should be able to discuss their relationships with one another, but he might have more than friendly feelings towards you.

2. When you do mention to him that you’re interested in someone, he’ll find reasons – however insignificant they might be – that the person in question isn’t worthy of your time. You get the sense that the amount of energy he expends cutting down your budding relationships is not normal.

3. He will drop all other obligations to hang out with you, do you a favor, or otherwise be around you – even if you assure him it’s not necessary. Out of all his friends, he consistently prioritizes you – though you might not do the same.

4. His mom adores you, and she will sometimes make comments in passing about the two of you getting together. She also nags him to invite you over all the time. He may not have said anything to her, but Momma knows.* *This may also apply to your mutual friends.

5. Sometimes, you catch him staring at you with a peculiar expression on his face – like he has much on his mind and wants to say something. But, when you prompt him by asking what’s up, he just turns red and mutters “nothing.”

6. You talk all the time, but he initiates the majority of your conversations. He’ll text you when random things during his day remind him of you. He’ll message you funny memes. He’ll send you selfies all day long (if they’re shirtless selfies, carefully positioned to look casual, you’ll know that he’s putty in your hands).

7. He remembers oddly specific details from conversations that the two of you have. Others (including you, yourself) would forget these details – it’s in our nature to sometimes tune out of our conversations, filtering and committing to memory only the most important details. But, he’s a-listenin’ and paying attention.

8. Your opinion matters to him. He will consistently consult you when problems arise in his life, and you get the feeling that he takes your advice more seriously than he does any other friend’s. This, alone, might not indicate that he has feelings for you but, combined with everything else, it might suggest that a lil’ something-something is brewing under the surface.

9. He watched two whole seasons of The Hills in one sitting with you, even though he can’t stand the show. That’s basically love.

10. If you don’t have a date to some function, he always gladly and enthusiastically volunteers himself before you even ask.

11. The people he dates always seem to dislike you – even if you haven’t given them any reason to and even if you barely interact with them. It’s somewhat natural to feel territorial towards your significant other, but they might feel threatened because they sense something you don’t.

12. He constantly tells you that the people you date aren’t good enough for you or that you deserve “better.” It isn’t that you have a knack for choosing losers (or maybe you do); it might be that he’s hoping you’ll choose him instead.

13. Especially when he’s under the influence, he will make suggestive remarks towards you or hit on you, but afterwards, he’ll always play it off as a joke. They say a drunk boy’s words are a sober boy’s thoughts, and he might be cautiously testing the waters.

14. Once, when the two of you grabbed dinner, you said something along the lines of: “Hey! If we both end up single when we’re old, we should just marry one another.” And he subsequently started choking on his water. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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