10 Signs He’s Totally Into You

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

1. During conversation, he tends to gaze at you with the slack-jawed expression of a man in awe. You either have a chunk of spinach stuck between your two front teeth — upon which he is fixating — or he’s wondering when he can silence you with a sloppy make-out. 

2. He asked for your number to text you questions about class, but sometimes, you sense that he is making up questions only to talk to you — especially when he continues the conversation for longer than necessary. If he uses Emojis (especially a cheeseburger Emoji), he’s practically putty in your hands. 

3. When he’s around you, he will jump on any opportunity to touch you. Do you have a piece of leaf caught in your hair? No worries — he’ll pick it out for you. Did you just crack a mildly funny (read: not really funny at all) joke? He’ll laugh hysterically and lightly smack you in the arm to emphasize your comedic prowess. 

4. If you happen to look up and catch him staring at you during class, he will either immediately look away or smile at you — his move of choice depends on how shy he is. If you catch him consistently doing this during class, he probably wants to marry you. If he isn’t into you at all, he’ll be staring at his phone instead. 

5. If you happen to introduce him to one of your male friends, his voice will deepen a few octaves. This phenomenon is an amusing byproduct of an evolutionarily defunct need* that love-hungry males have to out-Alpha everyone else. 

*Deeper voices (and bigger muscles) entail greater masculinity, which entails greater mating potential — because, like, DUH. 

6. He goes out of his way to help you — even if you don’t ask for it. He will spend three hours helping you with a homework assignment instead of studying for his final the next morning. He will offer to make copies of his notes for you after those four times you, uh, skipped class to have your eyebrows threaded. There’s the niceness that normal people exhibit — which is a bit more tempered — and then there’s the niceness that buffoons in love exhibit.

7. Almost every single weekend, he will casually ask you – say, after class or when you pass one another on campus — if you plan to “go out” and if so, where you’re going. He won’t ask any more follow-up questions on the specific details, and he’ll never explicitly ask you to hang out. This is probably because he’s shy but also because he’s likely plotting a chance encounter with you. 

8. Suddenly, you will notice yourself running into him more than ever before. In the dining hall at your usual dinner hour, after your International Finance class every Tuesday and Thursday, or sitting two feet away from the library cubicle you always take. This isn’t coincidence. He’s rolling up his sleeves and priming himself to make a move. 

9. Two days after meeting you for the first time, he will add you to Facebook. Shortly after that, he will start “liking” all your Facebook activity — including those awkward, prom photos of you from 2011 in an album you thought you’d set to private. He probably likes you but he’s too afraid to actually speak to you, so he’s letting his clicks do all the talking for him. 

10. If, per chance, you bring up other guys around him, he will suddenly become very quiet and look as though he’s on the verge of tears. Pro-tip: quickly right the situation and tell him that he’s looking more “swoll” than usual. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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