16 Signs You Went To A Southern University


1. You have amassed all the knowledge of SEC football that you will ever need— not necessarily by choice.

2. Speaking of which, you have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have strong feelings about the LSU vs. UGA vs. ‘Bama rivalry (these are, after all, the only three teams that matter, right?)

3. And even though you know next to nothing about the technical aspects of football, you rep “your” team with vigor — displaying your Tiger Stripes or Hook ‘Em Horns with pride or Rollin’ Tide with the best of ‘em.

4. At least a few times every weekend, your college bar plays either “Wagon Wheel” or “Chicken Fried” and everyone can sing along to each word. Sometimes, they branch out and instead play “Piano Man” by Billy Joel or “Free Bird” by Lynard Skynard.

5. Before you came to college, you didn’t own cowboy boots. Now, you own two pairs — one to wade through mud and guck during Game Day tailgates and one to wear with your nice dresses on special occasions.

6. No one gets you goin’ more than Luke Bryan.

7. When you try to explain the appeal of Greek Life to your friends from back home, their only reaction is to stare at you, dumbfounded. But you have learned the ins and outs of fraternity and sorority culture, and you know that going Greek is one of the best decisions you’ve made during college.

8. Though you wouldn’t admit it, you base at least one small part of your opinion of people on how well they can shotgun a beer. Or two.

9. While college students around the rest of the country spent a great deal of the past year discussing the merits or demerits of having a Chik-Fil-A in their dining halls, you’re just upset that the nearest Popeye’s and Bojangles are more than fifteen minutes away from campus.

10. The only people you know who wear more shades of pink, yellow, and other pastels than the girls in your sorority are your male friends.

11. You have developed the ability to chug sweet tea like it’s water.

12. Once, you couldn’t understand the hype behind Lilly Pulitzer (wearing all those floral patterns made you feel like you’d draped a tablecloth across your body), but now you’ve come to understand that it isn’t just a brand. Lilly is a lifestyle.

13. You have watched the same girl who comes to class everyday, perfectly coiffed and polished in an assortment of frilly dresses with pearls around her neck, roll up her sleeves and polish off a plate of pulled pork like nobody’s business.

14. You know that the best tailgates don’t start a couple hours before big games, and you know that they don’t end right afterwards. When you tailgate right, you start in the morning and last all day long.

15. Whenever you visit your friends at universities elsewhere, you find it strange when people don’t end their “thank you’s” and “please’s” with a “ma’am” or “sir.”

16. Even though people who don’t attend your school might not understand why you are as obsessed with it as you are, you and your classmates know that there is no other place you’d rather go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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