32 Supernatural Stories Guaranteed To Creep You Out

People have been having supernatural run-ins for years. There’s so much lore out there. What’s real? What’s fiction? How do you decide what you believe? And between urban legends, myths, ghost stories, and supernatural creatures, there’s so much out there. Who are we to say none of it exists?

While I am not a huge horror fan, I am a fan of suspense and supernatural. I feel like a lot of what I see online are the same recycled stuff that you see every time you try to find a supernatural/horror story.

So I decided to start compiling a list of some of my own experiences (which are totally minor compared to some people) and experiences of my friends and family. I also turned to Reddit and Tumblr to try and find people with some unknown and lesser known tales and experiences to help grow my list.

Below are experiences I’ve managed to compile from my friends, family, and some strangers.

1. Kat O.

Basically my sister and I had this same experience. We were staying in a little rental house while moving me into my apartment before sophomore year of college and the two of us were sleeping in the same bed there. One night we had literally just laid down to go to bed when we both started hearing heavy breathing. There was also a perceptible drop in temperature and just a strange feeling in the air, hard to describe. I looked over my shoulder since I was sleeping on my side and I saw a tall dark figure standing next to the bathroom door. While all this was going on, we were both calling to my brother who was sleeping on the pullout couch in the living room, because we thought it was him messing with us. But he kept saying it wasn’t him and then the figure disappeared and the breathing stopped. And then he came in the room so we KNEW it had been a ghost. It was really freaky, especially since we were both totally awake and couldn’t have been dreaming.

2. Leanne S.

Our ghost at Pitt [an old townhouse/apartment-type building in Downtown Charleston] does stuff all the time. Knocks on the door, unlocks the door when we’re out, turns the T.V. on, turns lights on and off, bangs on walls.
[When asked to describe more detail and/or how it feels when stuff like this happens]
I felt freaking terrified. There’s not much detail. Most of the time when we have people over stuff happens.

3. Mimi G.

So the worst thing that ever happened at the jail [the place where they have Haunted Jail Tours in Charleston] to me was one night, a woman passed out on a tour and when she came to she threw up. so after dealing with the ambulance and everything I had to go clean it up. I was the only one on the second floor in the pitch black and all of sudden someone starting whispering in my ear… couldn’t understand what they were saying but they did not sound happy.

Pitt [same as the place listed in #2] is just a lot of little things, but this happened to Lauren, it was in the middle of the night and she had a small mirror hanging on the back of her door, it randomly fell and flew to the other side of the room and made this huge noise (more noise than makes sense) then Rosa Parks (the dog) started quietly growling and moving her head looking as though she was watching someone walk across the room.

4. Alexa P.

My friend’s house is wicked old, like 1800’s old, and they have a young girl ghost they named Sarah…. One night we were sleeping in the living room and I woke up and saw Sarah walking down the stairs holding a candle, staring straight ahead. It’s not super paranormal. But creepy as shit.

5. Anne L.

The ghosts in my house turned off my fan when I was in the bathroom. The “demons” in my apartment at Warren [an apartment complex] take the artwork off my walls at least once a week.

6. DasKoron

When I was young kid, I had a really big room, with my bed wedged into the corner directly opposite of there the door was. My parents always made me close the door when I went to bed, as well as pull down the shades completely, which left the entire room pitch black whenever I went to bed. And I mean -pitch- black with no hint of moonlight or anything else in the room. Now, that in itself wasn’t a big deal, I’ve never been scared of the dark and I knew my way around that old room in my sleep. never had anything odd happen, either, until one morning. I woke up a bit earlier than usual, I think it was around 5am-ish hearing voices. I immediately recognized them as NOT being my parents, and at the start they were whispering. I can’t remember what they were talking about, but I remember that as soon as I quietly called out, being the retarded kid I was, they grew louder fast, and more voices started talking at once, each over the other until the room was filled with incomprehensible chatter. I panicked, scrambled out of bed, because screw that shit, and tried making my way towards the door with the voices ever growing louder, and now that I was slowly moving through my room, arms stretched out to the front so I wouldn’t run into the walls i heard some of the voices starting to laugh, and I distinctly remember them laughing in a very mocking manner, taunting me for something. When I finally reached my door and just pulled it open, everything was silent IMMEDIATELY. Nothing like that ever happened again, and when I told my parents about it a bit earlier they said they both didn’t hear anything, although they were probably asleep at the time anyway. After that happened, though, I never entered a pitch black room again without some sort of light source. I always tipped my shutters slightly open to allow at least a bit of light into the room and still do that to this day like a normal person.

7. Waffleuniverse

I was helping my friend with a photo project, he had to take some “supernatural shots” where we would have to go somewhere old like the woods or abandoned buildings and edit them. We decided to go to this old toy store nearby my house and take the pictures there. I knew the woman who owned it, she was pretty nice, but to other people she was creepy. She let us in to take the pictures and she left to go and pack boxes. I was helping him with his camera when we heard some thumping, than one of the toys turned on. It was a baby doll that talked and cried, but it’s sound box was messed up so it sounded demonic. We thought it was just the old woman who pressed it by accident, so we brushed it off. As he was taking the pictures I was looking around the store and saw that the old lady had left, so I looked outside but her car was still there. ‘Probably out in the back getting more boxes’ I thought. My friend was going to the storage room and I heard him scream. I ran to him and saw that the old lady had been having a heart attack so I called an ambulance right away. Sadly she passed away before she got to the hospital. My friend told me he left the camera at the store so I went with him to get it, and we saw a flash. The camera had taken a picture so we want to look at it. We saw a white figure that looked like an old man standing in the doorway. Then the camera was knocked over. We never went back.

8. bengalgt

About two years ago, the family and I went to the mountains to spend the weekend. It was a small little fishing-centric town. There was a bed n’ breakfast inn that we stayed at. That night I couldn’t sleep in the room although the rest of my family was sound asleep. I just kept feeling something was out of place, like I was being watched. So I continued to lay down and all of a sudden the left side of my body, my hairs stood up and I got the goosebumps. I felt someone or something was there. I literally jumped and was was scared shitless. I’ve never really believed in supernatural entities but that night made me a believer. I felt I was being watched, someone was there with me. I did not sleep at all that entire night.

Once morning came, we went to breakfast. I was talking with the family about my experiences that night. The owners wife who was serving breakfast asked how we all slept, and I told her my experience. She said that over 100 or so years ago there was a fire and a young girl was trapped in the bedroom and died. Previous guests also had noted similar experiences as mine. I simply said jokingly “Oh, well thanks for informing me of this before we rented.” Back to the room we were packing and I looked at the stay log and noticed many people have experienced the same thing. They left the room to grab a bite to eat, came back and all their stuff was organized, etc.

9. v0dkatized

On 3 occasions I’ve seen a shadow man walk across my fireplace. it doesn’t move its arms and its legs show little movement about at its shin it looks like a shadow of a flame or smoke and believe me its really creepy.

Another time I was laying in bed and was about to head to sleep and I just heard something pounding on my floor at the foot of my bed like a child having a tantrum. one night me my mom and my sister were going to pick up my sisters friend and when we went by the haunted abandoned courthouse we stopped beside it on the road and looked into the windows from the car, I ended up seeing a grey smoky figured guy looking out at us,we all saw it and I know for sure we did.

Also, one night I stayed at my cousins house and he lives near a military training field out in the country, I went to sleep on my cousins bed with a small blanket by myself, I ended up getting woke up to a really bad cold chill and i opened my eyes to see a silhouette watching me sleep. I didn’t think much of it for the 10 seconds that I stared at him. I fell back asleep and when we were eating breakfast the next morning I was told about the soldier ghost they have. Then it hit me, that’s what was staring at me last night. maybe he was just checking in to see who I was? who knows.

10. elvnsword

I worked security for over a year in a 1920s era hospital, it was built and refurbished as office buildings. For the sake of that job I won’t say where it is, but suffice to say the place is haunted as all get out.

Amongst other things I have felt drafts stand up the hairs you forget you have on your neck and shoulders, I have seen motion out of the corner of my eye in places that motion shouldn’t be, where it would be contingent with new walls for example. I have heard sounds in my bones that I know my ears didn’t hear… kinda of akin to hearing a deep bass sounds except the sound itself was a scream of pain.

I have smelt burned flesh and heard the incinerator on property start up when it is completely impossible for the machine to do so. (The gas-line that powers it is cut) When they dug in for new buildings to be laid on the property I have seen and heard power tools be turned on in the construction zones after hours when no one was in the area. We could watch the floors on the cameras from the control booth, you would see the sander, or drill just start up for a few seconds, then turn off, as if someone were curious how they worked but we couldn’t see them.

Some places in the building were down right foreboding. Made you feel like you needed to NOT be there, specifically the back of the old foundation in the machine room of the basement for building one. That one corner just three walls in a 3×4 ft area, made everyone I know who was in it’s area feel downright spooked, especially at night.

11. darkangel8724

I’ve always had a fear of attics after what I saw.
I was young. Probably about 8. My grandparents told me to stay away from the attic. Well, natural childhood curiosity got the best of me one day.
I was playing upstairs and decided to go check it out. I opened the door and there was a man there. He had blood coming from his eyes, nose and ears. He said, “You know you’re not supposed to be up here.”
I freaked out of course. Ran downstairs and told my grandparents. It turns out that the guy I saw resembled my grandfather’s friend who died in the house. Cause of death: burst aneurysm in the brain.

12. tylerclae

Craziest experience: I was with my friends Jess and Danielle, who is now my girlfriend, and we were on our way to drop her off. It was late, maybe around 11:30PM, and pitch black. All night I’ve been getting glimpses out of the corner of my eyes of shadow like apparitions. They look like the outline of a body but no facial detail, and I can’t even determine if male or female. I didn’t think much of it, because I never felt a threatening feeling from it so I shook it off most of the night. Anyways, we pull up to Danielle’s house and we say bye. As soon as she closes the door an overwhelming floral smell comes through my AC. I check my rear view mirror to where Danielle was previously sitting and there was an older woman sitting there. I knew she was a spirit, because the things around her looked faded, dull, lifeless. Even though it was just the back seat of my car she seemed like a painting. The woman didn’t look at me, just out the window towards the moon. I looked at Jess the moment I saw the woman and she replied with, “I know.” We kept driving but the air got heavy, like hard to breathe. Like when you go outside in a really dense fog. Its almost like you have to try harder to get a full breath. We rolled the windows down and then turned on the radio. The first thing that came over the radio was, “This one goes out to all of the folks who are no longer with us, but are watching over us right now.” I noped out of that one and put on some hip hop, booty shaking, club banging music hoping to drown out the heaviness of the situation.

So after the booty poppin’ music started to play things died down quite a bit, until after I dropped Jess off. I turned the music off because I was starting to develop a head ache, and my neck was getting sore. As soon as I parked my car in my garage I felt the air thicken and heard the silence take over. I checked the rear seat and there she was. The old woman. But this time she was looking directly at me. I froze and kept eye contact with her. A minute passed, which felt like hours, and then she looked away. I looked at the front of my car because I thought I saw something cross in front of my head lights, then i looked to my left after possibly seeing something in my side mirror, and then my right. She was sitting next to me in the front passenger seat. The silence was deafening, the air was musky with the smell of damp flowers. Then this loud ringing started to resonate from her. Like that annoying mosquito ring tone you could get on old phones. It got to the point where it was starting to hurt. I closed my eyes and covered my ears trying to make the sound less irritating.

As soon as I opened my eyes everything stopped. No more shadows, no more weird old lady, no more buzzing, and I can hear the normal hum of our water heater. I haven’t seen her since, but the shadows come and go.

13. wordsmith6780

This happened last December at my parents house. It isn’t particularly old but is quite big.

So anyway I was coming back from a friend’s house about 2 nights before Christmas Eve. I got home quite late my parents were already in bed. I was about to go into the part of the house I was staying the night.

The entrance to this room was directly opposite the living room, which was pitch black, because my parents were asleep. However because of the light from the dining room spilling into an area of the lounge, you could just see a large wooden cupboard standing at the end on the far wall, with a vague splash of light on the polished doors.
As I walked into dining room to turn off the lights, I glanced into the lounge and looked in the direction of the aforementioned cupboard. Oddly enough, the split second before I saw something, I felt as if something odd was about to happen.

As I looked, what I took to be a splash of reflected light upon the surface of the cupboard, slid up the front of the cupboard, and literally flew sideways into the depths of the lounge and out of my sight.

The physical sensations I experienced when seeing this? I have been frightened before, I have been in dangerous situations, I have even scared myself… This was different…when I saw this manifestation, instantly every SINGLE cell in my body freaked out SIMULTANEOUSLY. I cannot emphasize how horrible that feels – you have absolutely no control over it, maybe that’s the frightening part. My body knew instinctively (even if I did not) that it was in the presence of something not of this earth.
I slammed the door of my room shot pretty damn quick as you can imagine, although I have no idea what protection a shut door would have against something like that. I calmed down pretty quickly, considering what had just happened (and I am only now considering the ‘oddness’ of THAT, actually) and then looking at the experience objectively. Funnily enough, even 5 minutes after it had happened, I was thinking “did I really just see that? Was that real?”

I have never seen anything since, nor do I expect to. The sighting was an accident – someone, or something, being caught unawares, the hidden spirit in the house revealing itself (the whole family have had experiences here, going back decades.)

14. Ared90

Several years ago I lived in an apartment off state and pierce park in Garden City, Idaho that gave me the creeps over time. It was a fairly new development though I am not exactly sure how old it couldn’t have been build earlier than the mid 90’s. The place didn’t look scary by any means it was a well lit, clean apartment that seemed like it had few residents under its belt. It started with me feeling kind of uncomfortable from time to time when I was home alone. That feeling of being watched by something, you know? for months I got that feeling when I was alone. Eventually my roommate and I started sleeping with each other (bad move). a few weeks later some strange things started to happen. mind you she had recently divorced and was in a weird transitional phase which I connect to all of this for some reason. Also, she was a caretaker for dying old people which I also kind of connect this to. Anyway, after a night together she had to go to work that morning. It must have been a couple hours after she had left but I was woken up by one of the bathroom doors connected to the bedroom slam closed. I called for her but got no answer. I didn’t think anyone had entered because of how noisy the front door was I would have heard her enter. Seconds later I could hear heavy dragging sounds almost like like stomping feet but a heavier slow stride for about a minute. Then for about 45 minutes in 30 second to 2 minute intervals I would hear this loud sound like someone was taking a marble and throwing it at the bathroom door as hard as they could. I was completely floored. Scared and couldn’t bring myself to move. I laid there until she came home but made no mention of the incident. It happened one more than 10 occasions sometimes not as long. There was one particular weekend I had the place to myself while she was out of town and I heard a bunch of fast paced whispering really close to me that I couldn’t understand. Then out of nowhere I heard a very loud whisper right next to my ear say “hey” in a very intense voice. Once again, I didn’t know what to do and was frozen. I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore.

15. stabbyrum

I don’t care if anyone believes me- I know what I felt. I make no claims about what caused this feeling, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was 20, and back in my room at my parent’s house for the summer. It was time for bed (my parents enforced a strict curfew- lights out, router unplugged, etc). I was in my bed with the lights on.

My room is on the corner of the house. It’s not a big house- 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms on 1/4 acre in suburbia. It’s not by any means a spooky place. Outside my window were rose bushes that had been there forever. On the other side of the outer wall was a pond and a grapefruit tree. Altogether the least spooky atmosphere ever.

I sat on my bed, with other people in the house and the lights on when I felt it. You know that feeling when someone’s looking at you, or hovering over your shoulder? Take that and magnify it, then add the feeling you get facing someone who hates you (if you’ve ever faced that). Someone just staring at you, hating. I could feel it when my back was to that outer wall.

I felt a panic. I could feel there was something there as real as I can feel the keys under my fingers. My rational mind said there was nothing there, but I felt it. It felt as real as the breeze from my osculating fan.

It felt so real, that when my parents came in to say good night, they could tell something was wrong. Normally if you’re behaving irrationally, you won’t admit it to someone. Would any of you over 10 admit to being afraid of the dark to your parents? Not likely! But this wasn’t a fear of the dark. As I said, I was sitting in a lit room.

So when they asked if something was wrong, I told them. I didn’t care that it sounded crazy — I was terrified. They didn’t understand. They said okay, goodnight! and left the room.

I tried to rationalize with myself that there was nothing there, and even if there was there is no way that I could sense it. That’s just absurd! Even so, I could not look away from that wall. When I tried to ignore it, my spine would tingle in a very uncomfortable way.

I spent that night in fear.

I can still feel it, sometimes, and it still terrifies me.

16. MarsupialRage

My family has a shadow man living in our house. He usually hangs out at the landing on our stairs or upstairs. It’s not that he’s actually done something ( like moving stuff) but he’s pretty loud. My dogs are constantly at the foot of our stairs looking at him, we can hear him walking around upstairs, things like that. One time my boyfriend and I were home alone, when we heard distinct foot steps outside my door. Turns out, no one was home, he just walks heavily.

17. vanilla4

Hubby and I were staying at a relatively new (or it may have been recently renovated) hotel in the Cornwall region in the UK. Nothing creepy about the place at all – it was a nice comfortable hotel. Except for our last night. I was having what I thought was a terrible nightmare. I saw a young woman standing over me in Victorian era clothing, wearing a lace dress with a high neck and a choker. She seemed ecstatic to see me and was moving closer and closer to my face until hers was just inches away from mine. At first, I was happy to see her too (as she seemed so delighted to see me) however as she started to move closer it freaked me out and I must have cried out in my sleep. The cries woke hubby who was right next to me, just in time for him to see in front of him what look like lace covering the entire bed. He tried to grab it but it faded away. We promptly left the next day.

18. spooklog

Over a period of 20 years I’ve had to move 3 times because of shadow figures, anomalous noises, disembodied voices, being touched, bouncing mattresses, on and on. But just about the only time I felt truly nervous was one day when my entire bed rose about an inch or two, then fell suddenly. I have no idea why I’m not creeped out more.

19. Gugulio

I was probably six years old at the time. It was late for me, around nine o’clock and way past my bedtime. My dad had to be rushed to the hospital and my mom couldn’t get a babysitter in time so she had to take me along with her to the hospital to see my dad. In my city, the major ER is notorious for deaths in the waiting area and triage. Knowing this, my mom was hesitant to bring me in, afraid I would see something horrible. Sure enough, when we got in the waiting area, there was an older man, about 60 years old at the youngest, with an axe head sticking out of his back and a huge gash on his bald head. I was overcome with this sense of what I would later know as dread when he turned to look at me. He smiled and mouthed something and I got scared and buried my head in my mom’s lap. He wasn’t there when I looked back up.

20. hiccup90

Most recently, I’ve been hearing unexplained knocking sounds within various rooms of my house. At first my sister thought it was our cat, but he usually plants his bum on top of our dryer and doesn’t walk around the house much. The more we ignore the sound, the more frantic the knocking gets, and we’ve heard it from the front door, the ceiling, and even felt it under the floor.

I’ve also, for the past two years, experienced cold spots hanging around my bed that seem to possess some sort of sentience in the fact that they move around.

21. joansez

Okay, here’s my story. Not spooky with a capital ‘S’; just a little…. weird. I was heading out to a party. I had the directions to the party in my hand and I was searching for my car keys. I was home alone at the time. I thoroughly — and I mean thoroughly — searched my family room, my kitchen, and my laundry room, everywhere where I usually put the keys. I looked very carefully THREE times around each room, and didn’t find them. I remembered that I used the bathroom a few minutes before I got ready to leave, so I put the directions down on my empty kitchen table and walked into the bathroom. Nothing. No keys. I was cursing under my breath, trying to figure out WHERE those keys were. I walked back into the kitchen, and the keys were there, in the middle of the kitchen table, UNDER the directions that I’d just set down. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I looked around like an idiot; I don’t know what I expected to see. I just said, “Thanks!” and left for my party. Very strange.

22. CelebrityTakeDown

When I was in elementary school I was on a field trip to a house that was used a hospital during the civil war and has a giant civil war graveyard on the property. On top of the deaths of the soldiers, several of the family’s children also died in the house.

I was in the back of the group and was backed up to a room that was roped off. I felt someone tugging my hair. I reached back and my hair was braided. I had really long hair and it was all braided.

23. far_from_ohk

It was a normal day hanging out with my friends and we were at his family’s apartment. I went to the back room to change clothes for the gym and they were waiting outside and his mom and sister were in the living room watching t.v.
Now the apartment isn’t that big, but it does kind of have a menacing hallway where everything is connected and everyone is a shout away. Now the hallway goes straight down the middle of the house. From the living room the t.v. is right in front of you, then the dining room is to your left across from the kitchen. Midway down the hall is his sisters room across from the bathroom. Then his moms room is to the left and a storage closet to the right, directly at the end of the hall my friends room.

So that place was known for shenanigans at like 2-3 am. But today was the strange. I was coming out of my friends room and his sisters daughter just ran across the hall from the bathroom into the sisters room. I see here and I’m thinking she just got into something or was on a mission into something. I start to say “What are getting into”? As she was already in the room and like the second I finished she was running towards me from the living room. You could here her coming and laughing and talking that toddler talk.

I’ve never had the biggest wut moment in my life.

I saw her dart across the hall and then nothing but she comes up on my left. I just couldn’t believe it. I don’t know what I had just witnessed but it definitely threw me for a loop. It took a while to comprehend that moment.

24. sonicxpokemon

Every time i move to a new house I see a shadowy figure it creeps the hell out of me and i always start crying for some reason but it terrifies me.

One time I was in one of my older houses and i saw my sister beckoning me with her hand to come to my parents room. She started to walk, and I said, “We can’t go in there.” But she kept going. Then I said, “Gracie, what do you want?” But she was like “I’m at the table.” I looked and there she was. I looked back and the figure faded.

25. supermclovin

This happened about a year ago. Some background information first: while I’ve never seen anything in particular that could be considered supernatural, my house has always given me the feeling of some kind of presence in it. I regularly feel as if I’m not alone, being followed or watched. If at night and I go get something to eat after everyone has gone to bed, sometimes the feeling is so severe that I actually have to turn around before I shut my door and say “leave me alone” to the emptiness behind me. The feelings usually cease after that till the next night. This happens during the day as well whether I’m home alone or not.

Back to the part I know was supernatural: a year ago I was in my basement, and I had to get something and bring it up. I had the second set of lights off (no need turning all the lights on, I was only down there for a minute) and was just about to walk back upstairs. Suddenly, I saw what I can only describe as a bright white shadow glide in front of me and up the stairs. The shadow was about my height (5’7″). Freaked me the fuck out, and ran upstairs faster than I knew I could. Oddly enough, though, the freak out only happened after the white shadow disappeared. When I saw it, I had an immense feeling of peace or comfort.

26. guntabon

I was in kindergarten, and went to this kind of shitty school with shitty food. But I swear to god, the bathroom near my class was haunted. Every time I went in there, something either unsettling or terrifying would happen. For example, one day I went in there to take a dump, and I heard footsteps right next to the stall, which was creepy because the door squeaks when it was open (I would have heard it and it didn’t) and all the stalls were open and empty. I looked under the stall, and saw two tennis shoes. Tennis shoes with socks ankles and…nothing else. The leg completely disappeared after that. Frightened, I sat up for a moment, looked back under, and they were gone. I ran back to the classroom after wiping, and told everyone about it. A girl who sat next said, “You’re lying,” in an almost panicked tone. “What? No I’m not! Why would you say that?” “Because I saw it too.”

27. Noia20

Our house has some ‘activity’ that’s a bit unexplained. It’s a brick bungalow one story built in the 1920’s. No bad history or anything like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone died a natural death here at one time or another given the age of the house though.

On occasion the t.v. would turn on, we had one light outlet that goes through bulbs like candy. I’ve heard the backdoor open and shut and footsteps walking into the house. So clearly, I’ve actually called out thinking my husband had come home. I used to hear tapping like finger nails on all the walls in the bedroom (it would move from wall one wall to another instantly) and our headboard would tap against the wall like someone was gently pushing it. Granted, the lights could be an electrical issue, but we’ve tested it and it doesn’t show surging and changing fixture itself doesn’t seem to help. The tapping is a bit harder, no pipes to blame and I’ve heard mice in walls before and it’s not that, plus it’s a definite rhythm not just random noise. The most important part is, mice don’t stop making noise when you tell them “That’s enough for the night, it’s time to go to sleep.”

I’ve only been scared by something once. And calling it scared is an understatement. I know first hand the concept of being “frozen with fear.” And yes it involves a must have for a scary story… the basement door. Which, if you own a house over 60 years old, you’re going to have one in a weird place. Ours is right off the living room, about 7 ft. from the end of the couch. Now I’ve never had creepy vibes from the basement. (It’s actually a half basement.) Although I had noticed the cats would occasionally stare at the bottom of the door (there was a 1/2 crack between the bottom of the door and the floor…another fun part of old houses) watching something, I just assumed it was a bug or just cat weirdness. No biggie since they loved to hang out down there if we left the door open. I also thought I had heard the door knob move once when we were using the front bedroom for a computer room, but I had headphones on and was gaming so when I didn’t see anything when I looked, I blew it off.

Anyway, late one night about 8 years ago I’m waiting up for my husband to get off work. It’s around 1am, he gets off at 3 am, so I’m hanging out watching bad t.v. and knitting with said cats crashed out next to me. When all of a sudden, three knocks come directly from the middle of the INSIDE of the basement door. Hard enough to shake the damn door. The cats fly off the couch at a dead run and bolt to the back bedroom. I’m left frozen on the couch. My body literally locked up on me. I’ve never felt anything like it, it was a deeper primitive feeling like what prey must feel when they see a predator. It felt like I was there 10 minutes but I’ll bet it wasn’t more then 10 seconds before the “paralysis” broke and I bolted right after the cats to the back bedroom. Once back there, I listened, didn’t hear anything, checked for the cats (who were under the bed with eyes as big as dinner plates) and realize I just behaved like every stupid white girl in every.single. horror movie. That’s then I totally lost my temper…

I go stomping back into the living room and stand there yelling at “nothing” about how I wasn’t putting up with that kind of stupid scaring shit and if it ever happened again, there was going to be hell to pay.

And so far it hasn’t been naughty like that again, at least not to me. In fact since I yelled at it, every things been more quiet. Random things still happen, but it’s not weekly, it’s more like a couple of times a year. Even the light bulb issue has stopped.

I did have a friend from out of town come to stay overnight a year or two after. I woke up at 5 am to find him on the couch watching t.v. wrapped like ET in a blanket looking like death warmed over. I asked him what he was doing, he looked at me and said “I’m never staying in this house again! Something came into my room and sat down on the bed with me!” He’s been true to his word, he’ll come over to visit for a few hours but he always stays with other friends.

28. CptKherov

To give a bit of a back story, most of these events happen in my “childhood” home in Washington State, a residence I lived in with my parents starting in 1991 until 2004 when I joined the Air Force.

I always had the feeling I was being watched when I walked down the hallway at night to get a glass of water, that feeling persists to this day whenever I go home on leave.
2001 – My parents were away on a two week cruise, I had a computer in my bedroom, which I was playing games on one day… An FPS as I recall, and I was doing very poorly. I became extremely frustrated, and then angry. I shouted “GOD DAMN IT!” Once the words escaped my mouth, my bedroom door slammed violently shut… It was forceful, and loud. I thought it was going to come unhinged. I left the house until my parents returned.

2004 – In the Air Force, at the schoolhouse on a Friday afternoon. School is over but I was tasked to close the building with an instructor, and it was storming out (of course). I opted to take the bottom floor, and was in the process of closing when I heard a male voice almost whisper, but spoken clearly enough to hear my name. I asked the instructor if she’d been downstairs at all, but she said she hadn’t. There were no others in the building before we left.

2005 – A friend of mine and I liked to take long walks in the logging trails behind the high school near our houses, just as a stress reliever or to kill time. It was winter, snow had fallen, and most of the water had frozen over. As we were walking we came to an aquifer fed body of water, most of us referred to it as “Beaver Pond” though I do not suspect any beavers have ever lived there. The small lake had frozen completely over, and as we came up to it we noticed a set of footprints in the light powder of snow that sat atop the ice. At the end of the prints there was a sizable hole where whoever it was had broken through… There were no prints leading away from the hole. We panicked, and ran away.

I brought the house related incidences up to my dad last year when I was home for my grandfather’s funeral. He said he had experienced several odd incidences as well, and had the same uneasiness on occasion that I spoke of.

29. GoddessStyx

I used to have a ghost that walked up and down the hallway in the middle of the night.

30. mckswizzle

So it was a normal day, normal routines, everything was normal. I went to bed, fell asleep pretty quick. I usually dream every night, but this night I didn’t. In my sleep I began to feel this pressure overcome my entire body and I began to feel like I was being pushed through my bed onto the ground. I woke up but I couldn’t move. I could see though, and when I looked up I could see just this darkness hovering above me. I couldn’t move and I felt like it was pinning me to my bed. I tried to scream, and I did everything I could to move. I was terrified and felt this dark evil feeling. Out of no where the shadow immediately let up and I could move again. As soon as it let up I literally shot up and got the hell out of my room as fast as I could! It was so freaking scary and I have never encountered anything like it. Luckily my sister was getting back from her boyfriends pretty late and it was about 3 am. I found her walking in just as I ran out of my room and to the downstairs. I told her everything and I was shaking so bad. So she told me to sleep in her room with her and I did. Except I couldn’t sleep.

31. GodofCat

My old house I lived at was haunted 100%. We had a lot of weird stuff happen there including seeing shadows and objects moving. In my room one night, I had the most peaceful sleep I had ever been in when I woke up with the feeling someone was in my room and it would NOT go away. It terrified me and when the sun came up (and when it looked safe enough) I dove out my bedroom door and fled downstairs and hid on the couch.

32. deglaze

While staying at a bed and breakfast in Florida, I was wakened to the sound of knocking- I was on the first floor and just thought someone got locked out. The next night I moved to an upstairs room to share with my sisters. One sister slept soundly as the other sister and I woke at the same time to knocking on the outside of our room. We were 2 stories up and there wasn’t anyone outside. We were certain it was a spirit.

The next morning as we checked out, I inquired about the knocking. The front desk attendant turned white and first asked if we were afraid. I was not, I remember feeling that this was someone checking on the hotel and guests. The attendant said it was the former owner who had recently passed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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