Your Idea Of Me Is Not My Responsibility To Live Up To

You do not owe anyone an explanation for the way you choose to live your life. I know sometimes it feels like you are being pulled in hundreds of different directions at any given moment, but you are the only one entitled to the ownership of your life. Your choices are yours and there isn’t a single person on this planet that can take them from you.

In your lifetime you will come across a number of people who feel entitled to making your choices for you. They might feel like you owe them something; As if every good deed they’ve done for you was like putting coins in a piggy bank and now they are ready to cash out. They see you as some sort of investment for themselves rather than seeing you for what you really are – a person with a mind of your own, more than qualified to lead your life on your own terms.

You’ll make mistakes, and probably plenty of them. There is no guidebook on how to live a perfect life regardless of what anyone tries to tell you. They may truly believe that they have all the answers you could ever need. In their minds they’ve already lived your life before you, so they don’t see why you want to explore your own ideas that deviate from their own. It would be the worst breach of loyalty to yourself if you let someone else choose what you believe in, who to love, what to think about the world, or even what you want to look like. Every little decision we make for ourselves adds up over time and makes us an individual. Don’t ever let someone rob you of that opportunity.

Humans are exquisitely powerful. We are the only species on the planet with an ingrained desire to blaze our own path and break down societal barriers. We are capable of thinking for ourselves and fighting back against herd mentality. In my opinion it is one of the best things about human nature – it’s what makes us so extraordinary.

The world around you will try to put you into their little boxes. Whether it is your colleagues, friends or even your family who place these expectations on you, don’t be afraid to disappoint them. It is not your job to be what everyone thinks you need to be and that, is your greatest power. Don’t waste it.

Colorado native, cult escapee.

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