You Deserve This Kind Of Passion

You Deserve This Kind Of Passion

You deserve a passionate kind of love. You deserve the kind of love that warms you up like whiskey by the fire, the kind that makes you feel like home.

You deserve to fall in love with eyes that light up in your presence. You deserve someone who would throw out any vice to be near you forever. They would travel miles to see you for minutes and work to the bone to keep you shining next to them.

You deserve the passion you crave to give back to someone. You deserve the kind of love that makes you smile at red lights and fall asleep at night in absolute bliss.

You deserve the early mornings and slow nights full of smoldering fire that brings souls together in ways many others may only dream of. The kind that can never be snuffed out by passing winds of change.

You were not made for modern, cold love. You were born with fire in your bloodstream and epic desire for otherworldly, passionate connection. You deserve someone who reciprocates your blaze with the same passion and drive.

You deserve a passionate love that doesn’t dim in adversity. Instead it should ignite in difficult times so as to solder you both closer together. You deserve the midnight fights that end in deeper love, the atonement that sets your bond in stone. You deserve a love that will never cool off with passing time. You deserve a connection that is forged in fire and everlasting.

You deserve someone who sets you free to be passionate about all the things you love. You deserve a life full of vigor and adventure that lets you thrive. You deserve someone who follows their own dreams and loves you for chasing yours. Someone who burns full of life for themselves and for you.

You deserve to throw out the mediocre and reach for greater. You are worthy of every beautiful thing that sets off sparks of ardor along your path. You deserve that connection we all crave, for kindred spirits who burn with the same intensity you do.

You were built for a life full of fiery fascination and wonder.

This is the passion you deserve.

About the author

Stephani Shaner

Colorado native, cult escapee.