51 Itty Bitty Ways He Shows You He Loves You (Without Even Saying It)

1. He holds doors open and helps you out of cars. In his world, chivalry isn’t dead at all.

2. He willingly does the laundry. And even though he sucks at folding, he’ll make little (messed up) piles of your fresh clean clothes.

3. He regularly pulls you in for a kiss, a butt squeeze, a long hug, a neck sniff, a hair stroke or all of the above for no apparent reason at all.

4. He calls your nephew or niece and talks to them about fantasy football, Star Wars or Legos.

5. He fills your humidifier with distilled water when you can’t be bothered to do it yourself.

6. He holds your hand whenever you walk down the street together because that’s his normal.

7. When shopping for groceries, he remembers the type of milk you like, he gets the hint of lime chips you like, and he picks up a pint of your favorite ice cream.

8. He calls you midday for an impromptu lunch when he happens to be near your office.

9. He hates getting dressed up, but he does it for you.

10. He makes surprise dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant to celebrate every small but meaningful work related victory.

11. He always reminds you to take an umbrella when it’s supposed to rain.

12. If you cook, he’ll do the dishes.

13. He’s social and interactive with your friends–even the crazy ones who do insane things.

14. He goes to the pharmacy to pick up tampons and Advil and make you a grilled cheese when it’s that time of the month.

15. When you walk through the door after a long, freezing cold day, he drops everything to greet you with a hug and a kiss and helps you remove the 18 layers you’re wearing.

16. He’ll wear the insanely oversized, ill-fitting sweater your mother bought him for his birthday the next time you all go out together because he knows it will make her (and therefore you) happy.

17. When your garbage has reached its capacity, he’ll offer to take it out and actually refill the trashcan with a fresh bag.

18. When you fall asleep on the couch next to him mid-movie, he pauses whatever you’re watching, saves it for next time and puts you to bed.

19. When you’ve had a bad day and just want a hot shower and your pajamas, he’ll set the table and have dinner waiting for whenever you’re ready.

20. When he places an Amazon order, he’ll include hangers because you need them, vitamins to keep you healthy and your shampoo because he noticed you were running low.

21. He tolerates your shared bathroom looking like a bomb went off of moisturizers, make-up, facial soap, hair brushes, contact lenses and perfumes.

22. He tells his friends about the fun stuff you do together over the weekend.

23. He’s making plans for your next holiday weekend to do something fun together.

24. He’s happiest when fulfilling his idea of the perfect night: taking you out for a fun dinner followed by a movie with popcorn.

25. He emails you articles about TV shows you love, and sends you news stories that he thinks you’d be interested in.

26. When you feel a cold coming on, he’ll force you to take Vitamin C and zinc lozenges and make you drink tea and sip chicken soup.

27. When he goes out with his guy friends he texts you when he’s about to come home. He enjoys his time out, but he’s clearly excited to get back to you.

28. If you go on a trip together, he’s the first to grab your suitcase and will always offer to help you out with any additional bags.

29. He’s excited to hang out with your family and considers them his own.

30. When you’ve lost your patience, he’ll help your parents out with their technology questions like how to set up wi-fi in their house, what to do when their computer stops working and how much storage they need on their hard drives.

31. He remembers birthdays and anniversaries with cards, small, thoughtful gifts and singing the birthday song.

32. He tries to cheer you up when you’re irritable by imitating your crazy boss, you, or your over-dramatic family member.

33. He’ll buy you a football jersey for his favorite team in hopes that you’ll watch with him.

34. He’ll meet you at the dentist when you’ve cracked a tooth and hold your hand when they numb your mouth with injections–even when you’re being a big baby about it.

35. He knows exactly when it’s a McDonalds drive-thru for a Hamburger and French fries kind of day.

36. If Love Actually, Mean Girls, Bridesmaids or any other awesome chick flicks are unexpectedly on TV, he understands that you will be glued there no matter how many times he’s seen them and he may even join you.

37. He will never make fun of you for hoarding all of the Domino’s Cinnasticks with vanilla dipping sauce and leaving him nothing but half a stick that already has a bite in it.

38. He rubs your back while talking to you or pushes a strand of hair behind your ear when it’s fallen in your face.

39. You can put a dress, jewelry, heels, makeup and have your hair done for a night out, but you’ll get the most compliments out of him when wearing a Star Wars t-shirt.

40. When your Chinese delivery order arrives and they’ve mistakenly given you only one egg roll, he’ll offer it to you first and only take a small bite before handing it over.

41. When you start singing Adele songs in the car, he’ll chime in, even if he doesn’t know the words.

42. When attending social events together, he’ll canvas the open buffet and return with an assortment of amazing appetizers to share–pigs in a blanket, mozzarella sticks and mini pizza bagels included.

43. He texts you when you’re sitting 5 feet away from him to say, “Hey, Sexy.”

44. When you’ve lost your glasses, cell phone, keys or wallet for the 6th time in one week, he’ll help you look without complaint.

45. He emails you homes for rent or sale that you could live in together to get your opinion

46. His family knows all about you.

47. When he goes away for the weekend, he’ll come back with a little gift for you.

48. He’s making lots of future plans for long holiday weekends together and he gets really excited when they’re about to happen.

49. He takes great pleasure in watching scary movies with you because it gives him an extra excuse to hold you tight, comfort you and watch you scream in fear at random times.

50. He’s confident enough to tell you when you’re wrong about something, but will do so in a thoughtful, kind way that leaves you open minded instead of defensive.

51. He takes care of you like you’re the most important person in his life and makes you feel loved whenever you’re around him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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