14 Traits You Should Look For In A Man Before Agreeing To Marry Him

Silvia Sala
Silvia Sala

1. He’s eager to commit, and he lets you know it. You never doubt the way he feels because he lets you know regularly without any prompting. Your friendship is natural so it’s easy to be together. He already feels like family to you.

2. He makes the idea of coming home after a long day more exciting. Especially on the particularly bad days, you genuinely look forward to returning to your shared home. He’s your oasis in the sea of insanity. The party when it’s been non-stop at work. The big hug you’ve been dreaming about when you walk through the door and the reward for all the obstacles you’ve faced.

3. He listens. He provides honest feedback without judgment and can be a neutral sounding board in helping you make decisions. He’s the person you turn to for advice about a failing friendship, the idiosyncrasies of your family, or just to bounce ideas off of in handling certain situations.

4. He fights fair. He knows how to push your buttons because he knows you inside out. But he’s also strong enough to say, “I’m sorry,” after he’s messed up. You tackle problems together—as partners. There may be bickering along the way, but you’re a team that supports each other, even if you don’t always agree on everything.

5. He makes you laugh. Not all day, every day, but enough to make you realize just how very special he is. Sometimes, your face is sore from laughing so hard after spending an afternoon together.

6. You don’t get sick of him. Even after spending several consecutive days and nights together, you don’t manage to bore each other. When you do finally resume your normal daily activities, you crave reuniting. You’ve probably started spending a little less time with your family and friends—understandably so—and they’re (mostly) happy for you.

7. Your families approve of him. Your relatives like him because he’s right for you. They see that he treats you well and that you’re able to be your true self around him. His family sees the same thing, so they’re supportive, too.

8. You find his deep laugh, crooked smile, loud clap and dirty jokes all cute and charming. Even when he wears the same t-shirt for two days in a row, it doesn’t bother you. The smitten phase of your relationship has lasting power. You completely dig the uniqueness of how this guy makes you feel, and his quirkiness is just part of the package.

9. He seems more and more attractive the more you get to know him. His personality explodes into his looks and he’s got that boyish cuteness that excites you when he walks through a doorway.

10. He makes you want to have kids. Not immediately, but some day. And you wouldn’t even mind if they look mostly like him. You’re suddenly ready to think about the serious life stuff, just by way of being with him.

11. The thought of growing old with him doesn’t scare you at all. In fact, you find it quite comforting to know that he’ll be there, having the same conversations with you and holding your hand as you figure out if you should eat dinner at 4 pm or 5 pm.

12. His career and future ambitions are compatible with yours. You’ve had conversations about what your goals are professionally and where you want to end up geographically. He’s right there with you and amenable to helping you achieve all your goals.

13. He knows you backwards and forwards. He knows how to deal with you when you’re in a bad mood, whether that means giving you space to breathe, buying you gummy worms, or forcing you to go for a walk. He also senses when something’s bothering you and presses you vent.

14. He sincerely thinks you’re the greatest person he’s ever met. He regularly makes you feel as if you deserve to be worshipped just for being the woman you are. You know that being over-the-moon in love isn’t a magical force, but a steady climb—and you’re happy to climb right alongside the gorgeous, funny, supportive beacon of love who is your best friend and partner. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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