10 Signs He’s Committed For The Long Run


1. He starts talking in terms of “we”

Like, “We love that show!” and “We love Thai food” or “I’ll have to see what we’re doing this weekend.”

2. He considers your plans when scheduling his own

Maybe he won’t go to the baseball game with his friend next weekend because you’re going out of town the following week and he wants quality time with you before you leave Or he’ll schedule his fantasy hockey draft for the night he knows you have plans with your girlfriends.

3. He’s asking for plans, even when you just saw him

He doesn’t let much time go by before getting your next date on the calendar. He’s not interested in playing head games – he’s way too mature and zoned in on you to try. You have stopped wondering when you’re going to hear from him again because he’s been consistent and doesn’t make you doubt his feelings.

4. Your name is mentioned in a communication to his family

Most guys will rarely mention a significant other when speaking to family unless he has serious intentions. Family members are known to hound their own and introducing a new love interest into the mix is grounds for torturous questions. Mentioning your name opens the door to all sorts of intrigue. He’s obviously ready for it because you’re worth it to him.

5. He’s focused on learning your interests

Like what your favorite movie is. What your favorites meals are. Then he’ll download the movie for you to watch and attempt to cook something for you as a date night. He loves seeing your face after he’s done something that shows he cares about you.

6. Happy to stay in with you versus going out

Why go out to the bars and parties when what you’re ultimately looking for is each other? He’s secure with his choice and is happy to stay in.

7. He’s planning getaways and vacations with you

He’ll send you suggestions of places to go, hotels to look at and frequently sends you online reviews of things to do in a certain vacation destination. Vacation time is serious one on one time, which requires a certain amount of comfort and confidence in one’s relationship.

8. Frequent sleepovers

You’re spending 3 or more nights per week at each other’s places and he’s started parking items at your home (multiple outfit changes hanging in your closet, his favorite foods in your fridge and the noteworthy tooth brush). He calls you from the grocery store to see what he should pick up for the week.

9. He’s turning down typical “single guy” plans to spend time with you

Trips to Vegas or Atlantic City don’t seem as thrilling anymore. He’ll head out with the boys locally, but drinking after 11 PM just isn’t his thing these days. He’s anxious to get home to you and call it a night.

10. He’s opening up

He’s sharing his weaknesses, his pet peeves, his family history and his tragic backstory. You’re also the first person he wants to celebrate with when things are going his way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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