15 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Mate

You’re finally dating someone who seems promising. You go out on real dates, you receive regular feedback from this person that he or she is interested in being in a relationship with you. But you’ve been in enough questionable relationships to wonder whether this current match has staying power. How will you know whether it’s safe to believe that you’re with the right person? Here are 15 signs that you’ve found the perfect mate and can call off the search (at least for time being):

1. Love is blind — and so are you. They chew with their mouth wide open and nod approvingly at each bite. You find this gesture cute and charming. This exact same behavior done by anybody else would make you irritated and borderline nauseous. They make you laugh. Regularly and on purpose.

2. You are the priority. When you see your significant other after some time apart, the first thing this person wants to talk about is YOUR day, YOUR crazy story, YOUR crazy boss. You are not afraid to tell them that you locked your keys in your car or that you lost your work ID badge and spent half the morning sitting at your company’s security office getting it replaced. You’re not judged, just commiserated with. They don’t criticize you for ending written sentences with prepositions. They don’t really care what a preposition is, but they do care about you. If you’re mad at someone, they’re mad at that person as well. They understand why whatever your friend did was insulting to you. They wouldn’t dare try to play devil’s advocate because that’s just annoying and could be deemed disloyal.

3. Sometimes it’s okay to be a slob. They haven’t showered or shaved in at least three days and have been wearing the same shorts for ages. You’re more attracted to them than ever They don’t care if you have been wearing the same pants for five days in a row because you don’t feel like doing laundry.

4. They’re a superhuman friend, but no pushover. They’re willing to take your dog out in the pouring rain at 3 AM. They’ll do the laundry, if you fold. They’re not afraid to call you out on your stubbornness. They push you to do your best, but also know when to back off.

5. They’re a family person. They’ve got a great relationship with their family and is exceptionally thoughtful and careful with their elderly relatives as well as yours. They are the first to run up to a great aunt and offer her assistance getting out of a car. They’re always opening doors and generously tipping the wait staff at restaurants. Kids are eager to play with your significant other and regularly ask for him / her.

6. They take one for the team. They’ll watch The Bachelor with you even though it makes them angry and they lose brain cells in doing so. When flying together, they’re willing to take the middle seat or at least trade off with you.

7. There’s no frills involved. They’re in favor of comfortable shoes over high-heeled pumps. They’d rather order in a pizza and watch Avatar than go anywhere requiring dressing up. Their favorite date night includes cuddling up on a couch with you.

8. They know what they have. They’re grateful that your last relationship ended horribly and thinks your ex is a moron.

9. They’re willing to indulge your craving for warm chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream despite being on a no-carb, high-protein diet.

10. They’re secure enough to give up control. They’ll let you drive but aren’t afraid to take the wheel when your eyes are closing. They’re more than willing to put off car waxing, detailing and getting their tires rotated to spend the day with you doing anything else.

11. They’re a good partner. When you’ve had your first baby together and you haven’t slept for more than three hours consistently in weeks or even months, there is still nobody you’d rather be sleep deprived and snappy with. They know when you’re at your wits’ end and are willing to take over. You’re willing to do the same for them.

12. They’re thoughtful. They remember your birthday and anniversary; and they make a big deal of it because it’s important to you. They’re not afraid to get you flowers every once in a while even though they think it’s a waste of money. They pick out thoughtful greeting cards and can’t wait for you to open them.

13. They pay attention. They like that you spend time with your friends and remembers their names and how you know them. They know how you take your coffee and what you put on your bagel, and can comfortably order for you at a restaurant since they know what you like to eat. If they need to bring you a change of clothes, their choices are things you’d actually wear.

14. The past is in the past. They’re not regularly in touch with exes and there are no mysterious strangers calling their cell phone. When they’re out with friends, you hear from them and they’re home at a normal time because they can’t wait to get back to you.

15. You’re loved. They may not understand how you can watch repeat episodes of Sex and the City on television despite having already seen them multiple times, but they don’t bug you about it. If they hear you singing songs from the Frozen soundtrack in the shower, they may come and join you for a duet. They will help you look for your missing eyeglasses since searching for eyeglasses without being able to see well is a cruel exercise.

Just remember: there’s no such thing as perfect. Just perfect for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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