25 Alternative Meanings for ‘WAP’ (And How To Use Them In Conversation)

When Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” was first released, it was followed by a hilarious collection of videos people had made featuring the horrified reactions from their parents. In addition to this, parents began coming forward with answers to provide in the event that their child asked the dreaded question: “What does WAP mean?”

Here are 25 alternative definitions for “WAP”, complete with how to use each in a sentence.

1. We Ate Potatoes

Used in a sentence: We went to Five Guys for french fries, my inner fat child was thrilled when WAP.

2. We Are Praying

Used in a sentence: WAP for a better year during 2021.

3. Winchesters Are Pretty (for the Supernatural fans)

Used in a sentence: It’s so hard to pick between Sam and Dean, all I can say is WAP.

4. We Aren’t Prepared

Used in a sentence: WAP for Supernatural to be over.

5. Witches And Pumpkins

Used in a sentence: Fall is the season of WAP.

6. Wrapping A Present

Used in a sentence: Once Thanksgiving passes, we will enter the season of WAP.

7. We Adore Pokemon

Used in a sentence: Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu is the mascot for the unofficial WAP club.

8. Waddling Arctic Penguins

Used in a sentence: The movie “Happy Feet” features WAP who also learn to dance.

9. Wind and Precipitation

Used in a sentence: The weather report is calling for WAP today.

10. Weird And Proud

Used in a sentence: Yes, I have extended conversations and yelling contests with my cat on a regular basis—I’m WAP.

11. White Alfredo Pasta

Used in a sentence: I’m craving Italian food, I could really go for some WAP and a glass of wine.

12. Winning At Ping Pong

Used in a sentence: Forrest Gump was amazing with a ball and paddle, he was totally WAP.

13. We Are Pudgy

Used in a sentence: This is a house that loves to indulge in snacks and sweets, WAP and we have no shame.

14. Waving At Pedestrians

Used in a sentence: When I see a business mascot WAP on the side of the road, it makes my day.

15. Wearing A Parka

Used in a sentence: During blizzards, it is recommended that one be WAP if they must leave their home.

16. Waffles And Pancakes

Used in a sentence: If you are craving breakfast in the middle of the night, I suggest a trip to IHOP for WAP.

17. Writing A Poem

Used in a sentence: William Shakespeare is the poster child for WAP.

18. Watching Adorable Pandas

Used in a sentence: In my spare time, I like WAP—there’s a video of young pandas playing on a slide that I especially enjoy.

19. Wrestling A Pig

Used in a sentence: I’m covered in mud because I was WAP out on the farm.

20. Watching A Parade

Used in a sentence: I would typically be WAP on Thanksgiving morning, but the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was obviously cancelled due to COVID.

21. Wrinkly Ass Prunes

Used in a sentence: If you are feeling constipated, perhaps you could benefit from drinking juice made from WAP.

22. Weird Al Polka

Used in a sentence: I’ve never actually seen “Hamilton”, but there’s a pretty great WAP medley of several of the songs that I totally recommend.

23. Warm Apple Pie

Used in a sentence: If you’re not a fan of pumpkin, WAP is another great dessert choice for Thanksgiving.

24. Whales As Predators

Used in a sentence: You may not think of WAP, but killer whales are out here taking down great white sharks.

25. Wielding A Pineapple

Used in a sentence: A pretty good way to guarantee you’re not surviving the zombie apocalypse is to be WAP as your weapon.

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