Here’s Your Best Personality Trait (That People Can’t Get Enough Of), Based On Your Birth Month

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Ana Gabriel


You are consistently able to keep calm and keep it together when everyone else around you is frazzled about something.


You’re always full of a lot of unique ideas and interesting knowledge about things most people are unfamiliar with, so they love having conversations with you.


The aura around you is always filled with peace, serenity, and calm. Even when you’re struggling or stressed out or upset, people still find you to be a comforting presence to be around.


Your energy and your sense of motivation is always very magnetic and contagious; people feel like being around you makes them a better and a more alive person.


You never stop feeling passionate, excited, and inspired about the world around you – you’re always looking for the next thing you can learn or the next skill you can acquire, and people feel like they can’t help but also take on this trait when they’re around you.


You have an ability to form a connection with anyone you encounter and to make everyone around you feel comfortable – you’re always the humble hit of the party who everyone feels like they bonded with.


You give off a sense of being totally comfortable with and confident with yourself and who you are – people think of you as being incredibly genuine, incredibly real, and incredibly and unapologetically yourself.


You have an ability to make people care about what you care about, and not in an aggressive way. You’re just filled with a passion and a focus that other people find magnetic and inspiring.


You have a hunger for success and it’s a hunger you’re determined to satisfy – people are in awe of your work ethic, your drive, and your sense of ambition. They like being around you and picking up on that focused energy.


You exude warmth, affection, and friendliness – people want to be around you, they want to be your friend, and they want to be more like you.


You instantly come off as honest and authentic to whoever you meet – people simply trust you and love that you make them feel secure and safe.


You bring a much-needed dose of humor, lightness, and goofiness to any room, situation, or relationship you enter into. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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