How You Absolutely Know You’ve Found The One, Based On Your Birth Month

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You don’t ever feel held back or stifled by your partner – you only feel like they are a supportive and encouraging presence in your life, and that they only appreciate and love your sense of ambition and drive, rather than being threatened by it.


You’re with someone who understands all sides of you – someone who knows that on certain days you’re going to feel upbeat and spirited, and on other days you’re going to be exhausted and frustrated and lost. They know that you’re sensitive and a little scared of being vulnerable, so they always make an effort to bring you a sense of comfort and acceptance.


You’re finally with a partner who takes care of you just as much as you take care of them. You’ve always been the kind, compassionate, and trustworthy one – but in the past, this has meant that you’ve dated one or two (or seven) people who took advantage of this side of you and only took, took, took instead of also giving. But now, you’re finally with someone who loves you not for what you can do for them, but for the person you are.


You are with a partner who loves you for you and never wants you to dull your spark or minimize yourself. You have a strong personality and a lot of brightness around you, and rather than being with someone who finds this intimidating or overwhelming, you’re finally with someone who wouldn’t have you any other way.


You’re with someone who can actually meet you at your level for once. You’re such a focused, ambitious, goal-oriented, and motivated person, so you’ve struggled in past relationships with feeling like your partner didn’t get you or understand why you were the way you were. But now you know you’ve found the one because your partner feels like your equal and your companion – they’re just as hardworking as you, just as focused, and just as ready to be encouraging to you as you are to them.


You are with a partner who can be both deep and silly with you. You have a great sense of humor, so it’s always been important to you to be with someone you can have fun with. But at the same time, you also have a deep need to feel emotionally and intellectually connected with your partner. You have finally found that partner who gives you all of that – the ability to be goofy while also feeling totally and completely connected.


You’re with a partner who understands your sometimes contradictory needs – mostly, the fact that you need to have close relationships with your friends and that you often want to be around people, but that a lot of the time, you also need to just be by yourself and enjoy the quiet. Your partner never makes you feel weird or insecure about this – all they do is make you feel totally understood and totally like yourself.


You’re with a partner who absolutely loves the fact that you have a go-getter personality and a natural instinct for leadership – but is also someone who knows how to stand up for themselves and who does not let you get away with whatever you want. They absolutely support you in whatever you do, but they also know how to call you out and stand their ground so that the relationship always feels equal and balanced.


You’re with a partner who knows how to break down the walls you’ve put up for your own self-protection. Although you’re very secure and confident when it comes to who you are as a person, you’re not so comfortable when it comes to opening up emotionally. But you’re finally with someone who knows how to break down those barriers and how to let you be you while also challenging you every day to open up a little bit more.


You have a significant other who loves your people-oriented personality, but who also reminds you to not get in your head too much about what other people think. They love your natural warmth and your easy ability to make friends, but they also make sure to be honest with you about keeping a balanced social life and about maintaining a healthy self-image that exists outside the opinions of others.


Your partner reassures you and supports you 100% when it comes to achieving your goals and following your dreams, but they also remind you to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. You often have a hasty and restless outlook on life (which can be very beneficial to your career), but they bring in the nice balance of reminding you to relax, smell the flowers, look at the view, and take it all in.


You’re finally with a partner who brings a sense of patience, contentedness, and tranquility to your life. You’ve struggled in the past with trying to wear too many hats, do too many things, and be too many places at once for too many people. And finally, you’re with someone who loves you for that but you makes sure that you also take the time to take care of yourself and get the rest and relaxation you need to live a healthy and balanced life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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