Here’s What Kind Of Relationship You Need To Be Happy, Based On Your Birth Month

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A relationship in which you both are incredibly hard-working and focused on your individual goals and careers, while also being very supportive of one another and actively engaged in encouraging one another’s aspirations.


A relationship in which the two of you are always challenging each other and encouraging each other to go a little bit further outside of your comfort zones (trying new hobbies, applying for jobs you would typically feel intimidated by, etc) while still always feeling safe, supported, and 100% loved for who you are right now.


A relationship that values kindness, compassion, and a deep emotional connection to one another; and a relationship in which the two of you feel like you have always been and always will be each other’s best friends and closest companions.


A relationship in which you really value your quality time together – whether that’s going on a romantic adventure, spending time with your shared friends, or motivating each other to try a new hobby or activity that you would normally veer away from.


A relationship in which you never get restless, because the two of you are constantly experiencing so many new experiences and so many new challenges together. You both make it a priority to participate in and experience the arts, to travel to new places, to hone your individual skill sets, and to always continue growing and improving, both individually and together.


A relationship in which you put an emphasis both on having fun together but also growing your connection each and every day. You need a relationship where you’re constantly laughing and goofing off together, but also a relationship where you’re taking the time to talk to each other every day, to really listen to one another, and to grow a little bit closer with each day that your relationship progresses.


A relationship in which you feel like you can truly relax, be yourself, and not worry about being ‘on’ all the time when you’re around your partner. You’re incredibly likable and you make friends almost effortlessly, but socializing can also suck out a lot of your energy – so you need a relationship in which you can still find joy and fulfillment in your various friendships, while still feeling like you can just turn it all off and be totally and completely yourself in front of your partner.


A relationship in which you feel like your partner is truly an even match for you. You’re a very powerful, fearless person with a natural inclination towards leadership, and you need a relationship where you feel like your partner can support you while also holding their own and not letting you boss them around.


A relationship in which your partner is always helping you and encouraging you to open up emotionally. You’re definitely an intelligent and sympathetic person, but you really struggle when it comes to suppressing your emotions and keeping your feelings to yourself – so you need to be with someone who’s always going to be challenging you to be vulnerable.


A relationship that prioritizes affection, reassurance, and honesty. You’re great at making friends and putting care into all of your relationships, but you do sometimes feel anxiety over what others think, so you need a relationship in which your partner helps you to feel loved and appreciated while also helping you to work on your fear of what others think about you.


A relationship in which your partner grounds you and reminds you that, sometimes, it’s important to slow down. You’re very focused, ambitious, and the type who likes doing fourteen different things at once. So it’s important that you’re with someone who reminds you that it’s also necessary to slow down once in a while, take care of yourself, and focus on (and appreciate) the little things.


A relationship in which you never have to worry about the other person taking advantage of you or taking you for granted. You’re a very loving, giving, loyal, and generous person, so it’s important that you end up in a relationship where your partner is just as giving and caring towards you as you are to them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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