Make Loving Yourself An Adventure

Make Loving Yourself An Adventure

Make loving yourself an adventure.

Don’t try to fall too fast. Fall slow and fall with intention. Fall so you can notice all your sweet intricacies and traits beneath the scenes. Fall so that when you get grounded, it’s on purpose.

Travel with a plan but always allow for spontaneity. Know how you want to get to the center of your heart, but allow for detours across your soul and through the soles of your feet.

Give yourself the space to play, to learn, to feel and to grow. Give yourself the space to dance between the cracks and tiptoe right up to the boundaries you’ve made.

Make room for adventure by filling up with faith. Have faith that this journey is worth the risk simply because you are worthy of risking anything for. Have faith in your process.

Take a map but never be afraid to let the wind take it away. Allow yourself to feel secure and safe by just trusting your intuition. Trust you’ve always known the way.

Make loving yourself an adventure.

See the world from a different view by seeing yourself differently as you roam around it. See the impact your steps make. See the smiles you inspire as you glide along your path.

Get to know the sky from all angles and change your perspective. Get to know yourself from every vantage point and know you can always find your center by following your heart.

Try new things and get a taste for life. Sip in the risks you were once afraid of taking and allow yourself to receive joy and love without constraints.

Allow people and places and things to paint the journey towards loving yourself, but know that’s all background noise. Hear your truth between the beats of your heart as you wander.

Make loving yourself an adventure.

Get a one-way ticket to explore who you’ve become. Traverse through the wilderness of your being and take your time to notice every glittering and hidden thing.

Skip rocks on the sea of your awakening but don’t skip out on the time it takes to really soak this adventure in. Take up room and take up time to really see what it means to be you.

Learn what you like, what you dislike, and what you could use more of. Don’t stall where it feels comfortable because there are more mountains to climb and scenes to see.

Lean into crossroads and the wayward turns that take you places you’ve never been. Find self-compassion for the art of not knowing what’s ahead of you but doing it anyway.

Make loving yourself and adventure.

Move through the forest of your past and into the clearing of your present. Sneak off into the sunset, get to know the moon, and rise with the sun to start all over again.

Befriend the newness and don’t worry too much about the destination. Stop to smell the flowers and lay in a field of daises if that’s what feels good to you in the moment.

Encourage the unknown to find you as you go off to find the end of your rainbow. Embrace the ebbs and the flows because this is one adventure you need to do alone.

Travel high and travel low, but travel on toward what you already know – that you are worth loving and worth traveling the world for.

Make loving yourself an adventure because there’s never one way or ever one path toward loving yourself.

Don’t rush this experience of exploring your highest self. Let it be beautiful. Allow it to be authentic. Give yourself permission to love whatever version of yourself you find along the way.

Happy traveling, wanderlust.

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Sonya Matejko

Writer, Founder & Poet