I Just Want It To Be Like Old Times

I just want it to be like old times. I just want to be outside with our backs on the grass and eyes up at the stars.

I just want it to be like old times where we are laughing the night away and we are smiling at the little specks of light in the pitch black sky. As we share comfort and warmth in each other’s embrace, finding a home under the thousands of nebulas and galaxies shining down on us. We do not have anyone but each other, and the night sky is the only other person who knows all of our secrets.

I just want it to be like old times where we both do not have a care in the world except admiring the beauty of nature. And starlight blankets the night sky but nothing shines brighter than the look on your face when I tell you I am in love with you right here, right now. When I tell you I need you more than anyone I have ever loved. When I tell you to stay. The expanse of the night sky seems to go on forever just like this tender moment as time seems to slow down for us and the rest of the world fades away.

I just want it to be like old times where it is quiet, almost serene, as if nothing exists but the here and now. Where everything feels right but we know our time together is short. I lay in your arms and listen to the soft lub dub of your heartbeat for as long as possible. Leaning against your chest, this is the place where I rest my tiresome and weary heart. This is the place I call my safe haven. I am finally at peace; I am finally home.

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