It Is Okay To Want A Pure Love

It is okay to want a pure love.

It is okay to want someone who brings support and encouragement. It is okay to want someone who values you, someone who teaches you self-respect, and someone who inspires you to invest in your own development. Someone who sees your hidden talents and strengths and takes pride in your accomplishments. Because a pure love motivates you to explore your potential and be the best version of yourself, whether that is becoming the best friend, daughter, mother, or professional that you can be.

It is okay to want someone who loves you on the days you do not feel like trying. It is okay to want someone who loves you on your off days. Someone who still sees your worth on the days where you do not feel like putting on the happiest of smiles. Someone who thinks you’re just as beautiful when you are exhausted and you dress in sweatpants with no makeup on. Because a pure love stays even on your bad days and is not dependent on something as unstable as the clothes you wear.

It is okay to want someone who doesn’t care about superficialities like reputation or social status. It is okay to want someone who is not shallow. Someone who looks past what society tells them they should value, such as the amount of money you make or the amount of followers you have on Instagram. Someone who has a desire to get to know the depths of your waters, your personality, and your quirks. Because a pure love realizes that there is nothing that you have to do or be in order to convince them to like or take an interest in you.

It is okay to want someone who creates a safe environment where you feel comfortable with being yourself and not like you have to be someone you are not. It is okay to want someone that lets you be you, even if you feel like you are a mess. Someone who loves you deep down for who you are. Because a pure love is not tainted with external factors; it only cares about you. And it does not need you to impress them or to prove to the world that you deserve to take up space.

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