It Feels Safe To Fall In Love With You

It feels so safe and secure to fall in love with you. Because I know you won’t intentionally hurt me, play around with my feelings, or abandon me when I need you the most.

You have my complete trust that you won’t antagonize or confirm my worst fears, because you have always silenced that small voice in my head that says, “I am unlovable and not good enough for being exactly me.” You never reinforced or exacerbated my worst thoughts, and this allowed me to prosper. You brought out a version of me that I haven’t seen in a long time. And I am glad you were the one to initiate my healing process.

Your love and respect wasn’t earned but given freely; you had so much confidence in people, and you gave it willingly. And I am forever grateful for the love and respect you demonstrated to everyone, including me. It was with you that I learned how to be a good person, and what it means to treat others the way you want to be treated.

The thought never crossed my mind that you would purposely hurt me, because your intentions were always pure. You were considerate of my feelings, and you always thought before you spoke. I always liked that about you because I could tell you cared about people a lot more than you let on. You would never hurt others like how others had hurt you—you don’t have the heart to do that to people.

I can place my faith in you because I know you’re a good guy with a good heart. It’s a different feeling than I’m used to, but I am finally able to be comfortable existing as is.

It feels so safe to fall in love with you.

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