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A Reminder To Love Him Wholeheartedly


He loves you. More than there are grains of sand on the beach. More than there are stars in the sky. He has loved you for an infinite number of lifetimes, and he would repeat it all over again if it meant he could see you smile.

Please do not take his love for granted.

He is the most nonjudgmental, generous, and accepting person you have loved. He is always attentive to your words and decisions, and he is someone who greatly decorates your life. Do not forget all his wonderful qualities that made you fall in love with him in the first place. Do not abuse the loyalty and devotion that he provides unconditionally.

Please do not break his heart.

I know you miss the excitement of new people, new relationships, and possibly flirting. But it is never worth it. In front of you stands a fascinating person, and I am pleading with you, please do not ruin the wonderful love you share.

Please keep his heart safe.

Guard his soft heart because he is always openly vulnerable with you. He never puts up walls around his heart or even a barrier to protect himself.

Please do not cheat.

No matter the temptation or the alluring nature of being unfaithful, you will leave him devastated. And the worst thing you can do to a good and nice guy is destroy his heart when he has pure intentions towards you.

It is undeniably rare how beautiful he is, inside and out. When the world tries to mold you into who you should be, he lets you bloom and be yourself. He lets you be you.

Please love him wholeheartedly.

Love him wth everything you have, because anything less is not what he deserves. He deserves the best out of the best, because he has given you the best.

About the author

Siobhan Byrd

I’m 23 :)