When Life Becomes Difficult, Be Grateful

I know moving through the world as it is right now can feel draining, discouraging, and defeating sometimes, but have you ever paused to think about how blessed you still are? Even amid chaos and all hell breaking loose?

I know this might not be easy for everyone, as we all have different lives and circumstances, but I still want you to do your best to stay grateful and stay thankful. You may not have all that you want, but I bet you have much of what you need. Think about it.

Did you get to wake up with a roof over your head? If so, you have shelter. Do you have loved ones you’re living with or get to see often? If so, that’s pretty special. Having a family and support system makes a difference. Were you able to get up and pick out the clothes you’re wearing right now? I guess you can check clothing off the list too. Did you get in a car that was able to get you to work? If so, you have a lot more than some people do. Were you able to get something to eat today? How about some clean water too? If so, then you have access to food and water. You’re also super blessed if you were able to order food for pickup or go out to eat, and you’ve really got it made if you got to grab a coffee on your way to work too. And about work, if you have a job to go to, even if it’s one you don’t like, you’re employed. So that’s certainly something to be grateful and thankful for too.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to want more for yourself, as I believe it’s okay to desire and work for more than just a life of essentials, but don’t take the everyday things you do have for granted. Others would love to have the life you’ve got. So appreciate it. Don’t let yourself spiral into a place of negativity or turn into a complainer or hater who misses out on all the incredible things you’ve got going for yourself right now. If you pause for a moment and set aside some time to think about all the things in your life you can be grateful and thankful for, you may be surprised about the things you’ve overlooked.

Gratitude is gold.

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