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10 Ways To Boost Your Mood When You’re Feeling Bummed Out

Sometimes when you’re having a rough day, a rough moment in your day, or just feeling totally bummed out, you could use a nice pick me up. And there are so many different things you can do to boost your mood. Every day won’t be great, but you can still do things that make you feel good and put a smile on your face.

1. Do something nice for someone else.

When you’re feeling down, sometimes one of the best things you can do is shift the focus off of yourself and get up, go out, and do something nice for someone else. You can write someone you care about a handwritten letter, pick up a gift card for a night of takeout for a stay at home mom, or even do a random act of kindness for a total stranger. After you do something for someone else, you’ll feel really good.

2. Go for a walk.

There’s nothing like fresh air and spending some time in the great outdoors. Even as the world is social distancing at this time, you can still go out for a walk, take in all the nice sights and sounds of a beautiful day, and release any of the negative things that are weighing on you and affecting your mood. Plus this is a great way to get a nice workout in. Every step counts!

3. Unplug.

Sometimes you just need a digital detox. If you can give yourself an hour or so (maybe even a day or a complete weekend) to unplug from any and all your social media platforms and take some time away from your smartphone, do it. Presence is a present, and being present without the interruption of your devices can be good for you.

4. Treat yourself to an incredible dessert.

Enjoying a sinfully sweet dessert (guilt-free) can definitely put a smile on your face. Bonus points if it’s something chocolate dipped in chocolate. Or if chocolate isn’t your thing, order something else or look up a new recipe you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t made time for.

5. Journal.

Writing is cathartic. It’s personally healed and helped me during some of my most challenging and discouraging moments. And sometimes, taking the time to write what you’re feeling in a personal journal can help you layout your emotions in a judgment-free space. You can write whatever you want and just roll with it, especially when you’re going through a rough time.

6. Listen to good music.

Music is amazing. And the good thing about this is that there’s so much music out, there’s got to be something you love listening to that makes you want to put on your dancing shoes. Listen to whatever you want and just take it all in. Sing with it, dance to it, and just have a good time.

7. Talk to a positive person.

Negative people are no fun to be around or talk to. So when you’re not in the best mood or really feeling your day, talk to a positive person. They might help you get a new perspective about what’s bringing you down and remind you that you will get through what you’re going through. They might even rub off on you in a good way. Positive vibes can be really contagious.

8. Watch The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air reruns.

I’ve found that this ‘90s throwback usually does wonders for my mood, especially when I need some, “Chillin out’, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool” vibes. Will Smith’s funny jokes and adventures with his cousin Carlton still make my day, and the best part is that these reruns still come on. If you want to watch a show that will make you laugh, this is definitely a nice selection.

9. Meditate.

If and when possible, set aside time throughout your week to meditate. This will look different for everyone but will allow you time to reset your mind and your mood so you can move through anything that comes your way. Meditation can have some great health benefits for your mental and emotional health as well.

10. Have a drink of water.

Something as simple as a drink of water can be so refreshing and improve your mood, especially when you need to take a break and just pause for a bit. Plus you’ll be hydrated, which is good for your health too.

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