God, Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Unexpected deaths, incurable diseases, heartbreaking disappointments, and natural disasters are a handful of things that make me wonder, God, why?

God, I know I can talk to you about anything and everything, so I have some questions for you. Some of these questions aren’t easy to ask, but I would love it if you could give me some clarity and insight about what you’re doing and why you allow things to unfold and happen the way they do.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why are so many people getting cancer and passing away so soon?

Why are loyal and committed employees getting laid off from their jobs? And why do those who were hired after them end up earning promotions and higher salaries?

Why do horrible people get ahead in life while good people suffer and struggle?

Why do you allow some women who don’t really want or take care of their children to have children, while some women who would love nothing more than to be mothers and have children of their own struggle with fertility issues and barrenness?

Why are more and more women having to consider freezing their eggs if they want to have a baby someday? Why is it so expensive? And why isn’t this option up for coverage under healthcare coverage plans for women who would benefit from it the most?

Why is the adoption process so expensive? There are plenty of singles and couples who can’t have children of their own who could give those children a good home and the family, structure and love they need and deserve.

I know life doesn’t owe any of us, but some of the things you allow to happen feel so unfair and painful sometimes.

Why are innocent people who weren’t drinking and driving during car accidents the ones that die when a drunk driver was at fault?

Why have there been mass shootings and the loss of so many innocent lives in places that used to feel completely safe, like schools, grocery stores, workplaces, nightclubs, movie theaters, and churches?

Why are so many successful women shunned and shamed for being successful?

Why do so many mean-spirited women get ahead in life while good ones get overlooked, undervalued, and underappreciated?

Why are men in powerful positions allowed to belittle, assault, disrespect, and marginalize women and get away with it?

Why are so many privileged people blind to their own privilege and prejudices?

Why are children born with illnesses they have no control over?

Why is equality still a long-standing issue many of us remain fighting for? Will this be a lifelong battle?

Why do you allow certain people to get married and others to go through unexpected separations and divorces?

Why do you call others to a life of singleness? Even those who don’t want to be single?

Will there be justice for those who’ve been falsely accused?

Will there be justice, resolution, and peace of mind regarding cases involving those who are guilty? What about those who are innocent?

Will you answer these questions?

God, why?

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