Don’t Let The ‘What Ifs’ Stress You Out

What if something goes wrong? What if something bad happens? What if they don’t choose me? What if they don’t like me? What if they reject me? What if they don’t understand?

Oh, what if, what if, what if?

What if everything goes just fine?

How many times have you let a case of the what ifs stress you out? My guess is too many times. And today, I want you to stop. Stop letting what you might think go wrong to mess with your mind. You get to choose what to think and how to think and how to live. Don’t let the what ifs stress you out.

Because what if everything works out just fine?

You are far too brilliant, amazing, and wonderful to allow the stress of the what ifs to invite anxiety and fears and worries into your space. Yes, sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes things go wrong. And sometimes you will not be chosen or liked. You are also going to get rejected sometimes too, and a lot of people may not understand you, but what if you choose to keep living and moving forward and enjoying your life no matter what?

Should you choose to embrace what if why not embrace a mindset that says: what if everything works out?

Ah, yes, what if everything works out sounds like a great what if to embrace.

Certain people not liking you can be awkward and uncomfortable but what if not being accepted by those people leads you to seek and find groups who are ready to embrace you with open arms? What if being rejected for an opportunity you were hoping for leads you to pursue other options that would be a better fit? What if getting dumped by a significant other you thought you’d be with for the long haul actually guides you to another person or to date other people you’re more compatible with who help bring out the best in you? What if a failure teaches you what to do better next time so you achieve more wins?

What if the what ifs you stress about end up being what ifs that work out for your good?

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the endless possibilities of all the things that might go wrong in our lives that we miss out on what could go right if we decided to think differently. Don’t let the what ifs stress you. Because what if everything works out just fine?

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