When You Ask Me Just How Much I Love You

here's how much i love you
Priscilla Du Preez

You are sleeping beside me with this thoughtful look on your face. I wonder what you are dreaming of. This love we share is an ocean of thoughts I can never put an end to. It is when I grab your hand with both of mine and rest my head on your shoulder, all of my anxiety goes away. It is when you turn back and smile at me, I know that you are the only one who can make me happy. You are my day of sunflower beds. You are not my fairy tale. You are my reality. When you subtly whisper the words “I love you,” the warmth I feel cannot be put into words. I know you are always there for me but on the nights apart, a text from you brings me all the peace in the world. Our love might be a little overbearing, impatient and a great deal of being possessive, but it is our treasure that I will never trade for the world. Because the universe knows how much I love you. How much I am thankful that it is you who is my one in a million and there might be a thousand other people more suited for me, but not every house can be my home as you are. You are my comfort. You are my journey. I like the way you look at me with our future painted crystal clear. You are my way back from the broken road. You make me whole. I love how you smell my hair when I hug you. I love how you scold me for picking up random diets. I hate how we fight. But I love how you open your arms for me to run into them because you know I cry when I am angry. You know how these small gestures make the bigger picture of you and me shining wildly amidst the darkness of the unknown. I love you so much and I know I always will because the tears on my cheeks and the smile on my lips are a proof that you are in me, entwined in such a way I can never have enough of. You are the star I have always wished for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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