15 Everyday Struggles Only 20-Something Single Girls Will Understand



You are on almost all the dating apps, which you juggle between time to time every day so that you do not miss out a single opportunity. You are a pro now and do not need more than five seconds to judge a profile. But the absence of a single decent guy disgusts you.


You cancel plans of going out because you would rather spend your time staying in, watching Netflix and eating pizza than spend one more day listening to your other girlfriends go on about their relationship.


You cringe when you open social media because your feed is mostly filled with relationship pictures, tags and gifs which irritate you to the core. A sixteen year old has supposedly found the love of her life and all you are doing is lying in your oversized PJs, lost amidst deadlines and eating popcorn.


You like having undisturbed sleep but let’s be real, you wouldn’t mind sharing your bed and after a long day. You miss the cuddles and the warmth of those hands and body.


You behave like an independent woman who doesn’t need any male support. But inside you are like season 3 Chandler Bing, “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!”


You are no longer in for casual dates and one-night stands. You need something real now. You are no more a teenager. You need something to hold on and come home to.


No one gets it. After a long time of being single, you get lonely. The grass doesn’t get any greener. Having an alone time and being lonely is different and certainly not enchanting anymore. Friendship doesn’t fill up all the gaps. Being wanted by someone special and being their first priority is nice and comforting.


You somewhat dread the holidays. Yes we have a family and nice friends but spending yet another occasion single is saddening. Holding hands, exchanging kisses and bringing him home to have dinner with your family this holiday is your wish to Santa.


You philosophize about being single so that you can rant it out to anyone who questions you about being single.


After a long period of being single, you are tired of small talks and sort of forgotten how to converse as an interested person on dates.


After days of introspection and careful observation on the reasons behind being single, you find yourself debating whether you are that awesome or you have some deeply rooted issues you are not aware of.


Then those nights when you are so horny but your hands just do not have the energy to do the all work by itself anymore. The struggle is so real.


When your mother reminds you how she was engaged by twenty-two and you are incapable of getting a real boyfriend at twenty. That hurts!


You are tired of hearing “Your time will come when it’s right for you” at least once a day.


And in spite of all these things, you still get up every morning hoping it to be different and meeting someone who will brighten up your life with love and warmth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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